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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Wishful Thinking

Bad blogger doesn't even begin to describe my neglect over this project over the past few months. What more can I say but a big fat SORRY! I love my blog, I love my readers, and I don't want to stop blogging. I'd love to think I can maintain it as often as I used to, but reality is life is catching up and getting more hectic. Although I don't think I can post as often, Im holding on to this little corner because it still serves as inspiration and, strangely, motivation. 

And to get things going, although it's already a month into 2014, Happy New Year people!! I partied my way into 2014 at the notorious Razzmatazz (huge-ass club) in Barcelona, dancing like a brain-dead monkey on drugs. Time of my life to say the least.

In fact, those of you who follow me on Instagram or even previously on my blog, would know that I spent the last month in Portugal, Morocco and Spain. I can't express how amazing the trip was, but I'll be putting a few photo-diaries up just to share some of the beauty and good times ;). 

Actually, in a couple of days I'll be embarking on my second European adventure this year! So the fun times don't stop!! And yes, I'm hopefully going to get some blogging done (on my new Macbook Pro yeh!). Looking forward to sharing it all with you :D.

And just a peak at how composed we were at midnight on new years, before the brain-dead monkey partying began =P

=D xx

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