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Sunday, 28 July 2013


Crop Top - ASOS | Shorts - ASOS | Heels - Tony Bianco | Necklace - Diva

I've featured a few things from my July Favourites in this outfit, nothing better than wearing all your fav items in one go. I swear I cannot get over these shorts! They are so amazing, absolutely loving the texture, the pattern is so nice. To be honest I don't own my white pieces of clothing because I'm mortally afraid of getting them dirty, so this is a step up for me I reckon. I also don't own (m)any pairs of high-wasted shorts because these days they take the shape of some sort of adult diaper. And though I don't agree with them and some people may look semi-decent in them, I can assure you the look doesn't suit me and my child bearing hips. So again, these shorts fit my criteria - wide legged i.e. slimming. I'm looking forward to styling them a bit more casually for when spring and summer comes along. Sydney weather has been warming up a bit in the past few days so it was actually quite pleasant to slip into some more revealing clothing and strapy sandals. And just a side note, these are the first outfit posts I've taken on my 5D MkII! LOVE how they turned out!

=D xx

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

July Favourites

I really liked doing the flatlay for my time as an invalid, so I thought I'd attempt another one - this time with all my favourite purchases for the month. I know, I should probably do this at the end of the month, but I'm afraid I won't be able to fit it all in....

ASOS Crop Top - It's actually long sleeved, perfect for winter. Yes, I know, why would I wear a crop top in winter. Well Sydney weather is mild and plus it's so on trend =P. I love this one because the bottom is quite loose, and the little notch just really adds to it. The fabric is like a crepe material and the sleeves are sorta baggy which is why I have fallen in love. 

ASOS Ovoid Shorts - As soon as I saw the pattern on these I had to have them. I'm such a sucker for details like that, which is why I own so many things which I probably can't wear all the time. When I checked today these had surprisingly sold out, and after doing some blog surfing I suspect maybe the gorgeous Jessica of Tuula had something to do with it ;)

See by Chloe - Such a great perfume, very fresh and not too sweet which is a change for me. Have gotten quite a few compliments and requests for the perfume I am wearing =).

Maybelline 'Falsies' Mascara in Black Drama - A good friend of mine who's a make-up artist for the label Gather & Stitch told me I should get this and I'd probably end up throwing out my eye-lash curler. And she was right! This is seriously the best mascara I have used to date - it thickens your lashes up so well even after just one coat. And no clumps whatsoever even after a couple of coats.

Anarchy Street Rings + Etsy Bracelet- I went on a jewellery purchasing rampage over the weekend and these were the first of my bounty to arrive. These pieces are so dainty and I'm so looking forward to experiment with some jewellery layering. Can I just say Etsy is a GOLDMINE for things like this. And best of all, your jewellery collection becomes so unique with all these exclusive handmade pieces.

Tom Ford Nikita Sunnies - Loving these feminine cat-eye frames by Tom Ford. So chic and classic, and on sale at Vision Direct right now! Win! So tempted to get them in the tortoise...

=D xx

Monday, 22 July 2013

Yes that's right, I bought my domain name! I'm officially an actual website! 

You can find my blog at

As you may have noticed I've added a few new things to the blog as well, just part of the continual improvements I'm hoping to make. Thanks to all my readers and followers, and those who comment and email me, you make me want to continue making this blog the best it can be =D. 

=D xx

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake

As promised from my flatlay post from when I was sick, here is the recipe for one of the best milkshakes I have ever tasted - Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake. I grew up going to brownie and guiding (or scouts) camps and one of the things I (along with almost everyone else) looked forward to the most was toasting marshmallows over a bonfire. We don't really do s'mores over here in Oz, but the marshmallow burning is very much a part of our camping culture. So when I came across this recipe from one of my favourite food bloggers, Joy the Baker, I cherished the thought of the smell of burning gelatinous goop. It seriously takes me back to those nights by the campfire...

Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake
Adapted from Joy the Baker

8-10 large marshmallows
3 large scoops vanilla ice cream or a heaping 1-cup of vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup of milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. Place marshmallows on  skewer and toast until slightly charred over a gas flame.  If you don’t have skewers or a gas top cooker, you can toast the marshmallows on a sheet tray in the oven under the grill for 2 or 3 minutes.  Keep an eye on the marshmallows as they’re in the oven. They’re liable to burst into marshmallow flames pretty quick.  Place on a plate to cool slightly.

2. In a blender mix together ice cream, milk, vanilla extract and toasted marshmallows.  Save one or two toasted marshmallows to top the milkshake(s).  Blend well.  For a thinner milkshake add more milk.  If you’d like it a bit thicker… add more ice cream.   Pour into glasses and top with toasted marshmallows.  Enjoy!

As you can see, I don't hold back on the charring. I pretty much set these babies on fire.

P.S. These photos were taken on my new Canon 5D Mark II! Quiet the step up from my 500D, so I'm excited to start shooting with it soon!!

=D xx

I'll Be Thinking Bout You

Dress - Minkpink | Heels - Windsor Smith

Finally managed to find sometime to shoot an outfit! Albeit it wasn't the best time of the day to do so but I can't complain. I have to say if I could wear these Windsor Smith beauties everyday I would. They have the be the sexiest pair of shoes I own, and all the lacing makes them easier to walk in - bonus! Stripes are everywhere at the moment and this Minkpink dress is right up my alley. Great for winter and such a versatile piece. There are so many pieces from the Minkpink collection I wanna buy right now!

=D xx

Friday, 19 July 2013

While I was Sick

When I came down with the flu a couple of weeks ago I thought I'd try my first flatlay pic, since I couldn't muster the energy to do much else. It also gives me the chance to showcase some of my fav items of the moment. I pretty much live in these Bonds sweaters at home, regardless of being sick or not. I bought like 5 different colours during their sale last month, they are so comfy and not too frumpy. These sweatpants by Freddy are so luxe in terms of comfort-wear. Love the skinny ankles, gives them the versatility of wearing them out as well. And what better to do when sick than curl up with a good book and toasted marshmallow milkshake (serious yum - recipe to come!)

=D xx

Dusty Pink

This manicure isn't anything special, sorta like a transition manicure for when I come up with something more interesting. My nails were getting a bit manky, I really liked the ultra-pointed 'stiletto' nails look but once my pinky nail broke I just wasn't bothered to take care of the rest. So I gave them a cut and a colour ;). The dusty pink polish is a no name brand and I added a pattern in bronze. I like the colour combo so im thinking of using it again soon.

=D xx

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


I'm in the middle of a 14-consecutive-day work marathon split between my two jobs, which doesn't leave much time for blogging, or anything else for that matter. So I thought I'd post some inspo (new, old and blogged-to-death) I've come across on Pinterest (follow me!) which I have been getting back into lately. Enjoy =) xx

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Thursday, 11 July 2013


Top - eBay | Skirt - ASOS | Jacket - Glassons | Boots - Miss Selfridge | Bag - Zara | Bracelets - Wanderlust + Co and Etsy | Scarf - ASOS | Sunnies - Rayban

This is a typical everyday outfit for me - easy, comfortable and interchangeable. In Sydney on the milder days, it's much easier to wear a jacket than jumpers, so you can layer up or down according to the changes in temperatures throughout the day. I wasn't sure about the scarf but I took it with me anyway. I also liked the beanie but my brother didn't so there's only one shot of it =P. And can't go past the clubmasters for a relaxed look like this.

=D xx
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