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Monday, 30 September 2013


Eeek!! Omg I can't believe my last post was a whole month ago. Well, I can, since the past month has been so hectic I just did NOT have time to blog whatsoever. So, APOLOGIES to my regular readers! Hopefully I can up the post-count before the year ends =P.

I have been busy indeed, juggling two jobs and uni has tested my multi-tasking abilities to the limit. Add a social life, or lack-thereof, on-top of that as well as some other (exciting) things, and you get the a snapshot into my life lately. However I have been Instagraming as regularly as I can (@eesh_89), which is pretty much like speed-blogging eh ;P. 

Anyways, on to the more exciting things that have been going on! I have officially booked my epic European odyssey for the end of this year and onto to 2014!! I'm SO EXCITED!! It has been so fun organising and finally booking everything - it's made it all so real (and made my bank account looking quite forlorn). I was a bit sceptical about going away for so long, but I figured I might as well take the leap and do it all while I'm young (insert #yolo). 

So, my 3 month itinerary looks a bit like this - Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland and England! Phew! Just looking at all of them listed makes me excited. I think the things I'm most looking forward to are spending my birthday in Morocco and New Years in Barcelona =D. I'm ecstatic to be spending winter in Europe with one of my good friends, I love how Europeans embrace Christmas, so different to our Summer version here in Oz.

And if anyone has any suggestions on things to see/do I'd be more than happy to take them on board! I'm hoping I'll be able to blog while overseas, I'd love to share the experience!

Well, hopefully I can get back into blogging regularly since things have calmed down a bit. Although I might not have that many fashion posts to go up since I'm such a miser these days saving for this trip =P clothes are strictly off the spending essentials list. Knowing me and my friend this won't last long. But I will try!! 


Ahh missed you guys!

=D xx

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