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Friday, 16 August 2013

RSPCA Cupcake Day 2013

Hi there guys!! I thought I'd take some time out of my busy schedule to let you all know about the upcoming Cupcake Day the RSPCA is holding on the 19th of August this year...

Even though I don't own any pets myself, I absolutely adore dogs and cats and a whole host of animals! I also know a few people who have adopted from the RSPCA, giving some gorgeous animals a brand new home. I have fundraised for the RSPCA before as I admire their work as I'm a big advocate of animal rights, especially those of domestic animals. Too often we see pets being ill-treated or abandoned, and it's through the efforts of organisations such as the RSPCA do we see kindness towards these beautiful beings that we really do have a responsibility for as we choose to keep them as companions. Not only do they look after our pets but they also provide for farm animals in their care and help take care of animals suffering from the affects of ill-treatment.  I personally think this is a great fundraiser as I get to bake and everybody loves cupcakes! I'll be making some cupcakes for Monday (lucky for my work colleagues ;D)

You can donate towards this great cause or get involved yourself by clicking on the picture or HERE =D

=D xx 
(P.S. I PROMISE I will get back to blogging more often soon!!)

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