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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Fan Brush

Absence makes the heart grow fonder right? So you guys must love me then eh ;). Blogging has been put on the back burner the past week due to the usual speil. PLUS I'm doing some intense travel planning (exciting times!!). Moving on, at least my nails have not suffered my neglect. This effect is created with a fan brush, which comes in all different sizes and fan span, but generally look like this..

I would suggest getting an el cheapo version if your going to be dipping it in nail polish and washing it vigorously in acetone. It's quite easy to do this design, literally you just paint your base colour + top coat. Then dunk the tip of the brush in the polish colour you want to layer first, and the brush it lightly over your nail several times till you get the look and intensity you want. Repeat with another colour(s). Easy! Just FYI, my base is Ulta3 Neutral, and I used L.A. Girls Disco Fever then Essie Chinchilly using the fan brush.

I wore this neutral last week and after a couple of days I thought striping it up would be an easy effective way to spice them up =). Still love them neutral though!!

=D xx

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