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Monday, 8 July 2013

My Cerulean

I'm not entirely sure if this is cerulean blue. But ever since I heard the name while watching The Devil Wears Prada, I've always imagined a blue like this. When I Google it a whole manner of blue hues show up so again, I'm just guessing here. It actually may be a bit too light to be cerulean but whatever. As you can see it turns different shades under different lights. Ahhh it reminds me of some tropical place far away....its such  pleasant colour. It seemed natural to pair it with a purple pattern, and I chose one I've used before but it just seemed to lend itself to my pointed nails. My pinkie unfortunately suffered an accident earlier this week so it's quite stunted and might lead to my cutting off the points off the rest =(. Here I've used Elianto S06 and a purple pattern.

=D xx


  1. These are amazing! How did you do the pattern? Is it a stick-on?

    1. Thank you! Actually they're nail stamps, the official brand is called Konad :)xx

  2. Haha I was obsessed with finding Cerulean blue products after watching Devil Wears Prada as well. Must be an 'Eesh' thing. <<<Corny, I know :)

    Love the nail stamp though! It's different.



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