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Saturday, 6 July 2013

All Black Errday

Dress - Boohoo | Tights - House of Holland | Boots - Thailand | Beanie - Forever 21 | Belt - Vintage | Watch - Larsson & Jennings | Rings - Sabo Skirt

Sorry about the mini-hiatus, I have been a bit under the weather this week which turned into some sort of weird form of flu a couple of days ago. So here I am sitting snivelling in front of my computer editing this post. But I am back! In Black! Again! I just can't help myself, it's the colour I certainly veer towards the most but I can't really give a definitive reason as to why. I got this dress off Boohoo along with a couple of other items a few weeks ago. it's my first time buying off the site and I was pretty impressed! The clothes are so well priced and the quality is quite good. I absolutely love this wrap dress, although I was bummed they didn't have my size in either the navy or the wine (see?! I do like other colours!). Its the perfect dress for everyday wear and you can easily - repeat with me now - dress it up or dress it down! I've got my eye set on some more purchases off the site but I must wait until my funds replenish themselves. I paired the dress with these sexy House of Holland tights I can't get enough of. And just to relax it up a bit, throw in a beanie =).

=D xx


  1. Great blog! Great style, lopve this post!!! nEW FOLLOWER :D

  2. Love the all black! The tights really pull everything together <3


  3. Thanks for you kind comments guy :) xx


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