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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

On A Chance

Top - Talulah | Skirt - Topshop | Heels - Diavolina

This time I have a VERY plausible excuse for the delay in posting! I've been busy catching up with Game of Thrones. I was quite far behind and I was determined to get ahead in time to watch the season finale with my friends on a special projector screen set up (those of you who are still catching up look away now!). I literally had no time to digest the Red Wedding scene as I finished it 10 minutes before watching the finale. Needless to say, I was in quite a state of shock. And now the 10 month wait for the next season to come out begins!

Moving on! I seem to be looking down alot in these pictures. I started to realise halfway through taking them that it was because of my hair. I'm not used to having my fringe that long so I look down to swing it away from my face. I have been stalking this gorgeous 'On a Chance' knit from Talulah ever since it came out. I was umming and ahhing about buying it because I wanted to try it on before purchasing, but I couldn't find anywhere nearby where they stocked it, so I thought I'd wait it out a bit. After I realised that all the extra smalls pretty much everywhere had sold out, I jumped on the next size small I came across (thank you Lovefox Boutique!). So glad I bought it, pretty much my favourite thing in my closet right know! It is the warmest knit I own by far and despite being a size bigger it still fits well. This skirt is a new purchase (although I can't find it on the Topshop site anymore!), I thought the stepped hem was a cute spin on a normal pencil skirt. And needless to say I'm in love with these ankle-flattering shoes!!

=D xx

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