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Friday, 14 June 2013


My nails have gone into disrepair over the past few months and it's killing me. My nail decorating skills have also gone downhill, which is distressing! So I've resolved to change them AT LEAST every 2 weeks, to ensure I don't neglect neither nails nor skills. If I forget, PLEASE remind me! On another note, my nails have probably never been healthier since I started doing them less =P. Anyways, I got some new patterns over at Nailz Craze last week since I was dying to try the Butterfly nails since the pretty pictures of them proliferated over the net last year. They aren't the best but it's my first try and I actually got quite a few compliments for them. I did a cling/saran-wrap nail design using NYX My Sunshine and Ulta3 Mulberry (unfortunately again not my best). Then I did the butterfly pattern in black. Would love to try the holographic pattern that has been so popular with this design!

I think the ones on my right hand turned out better this time because I placed the pattern lower, but I didn't get any decent pics of them, so Instagram will have to suffice....

=D xx 

P.S. If you have any ideas/requests for my nails let me know! I've still got some my cousin suggested to me...

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