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Friday, 10 May 2013


First of all I just wanted to say thank you to all my readers, I've been getting a few comments and emails from you guys and they just make my day :). It's great getting feedback cos then I know I'm doing something right ahaha! 

The one thing I get complimented on the most is my hair, especially when it was longer. I used to have straight poofy hair until I was about 15 and one day I woke up and suddenly I had curls and waves.  Yes, that is my natural hair in the pics below.

Of course, I chopped it all off at the start of last year, and while the bob-cut looked nice, I still missed my long locks and I'm eagerly awaiting their return. Especially after digging up the photos above to make this post :'(.

I'm always asked how I get my hair looking like I either just took a dip in the ocean or I curled the crap out of them. Well to be honest, most of the time I simply wash it in the morning and air-dry it (sorry people haha =P). It just naturally dries like that. At the moment the only things I use on my hair are my straightener (rarely), curler, Moroccan Oil and hairspray. And no, I don't use these everyday. 

Moroccan Oil has been a staple of mine for a couple of years now and I swear by it. I only use a tiny 5 cent size amount which I run through my hair after I wash it and it's dried out a bit (i.e. still damp). It really has reduced the frizz in my hair and made it looks neater. I won't wax lyrical about all it's magical effects since they have been documented extensively, but I will say that it smells divine.

 My straighter I obviously use to straighten my hair, which I used to do more often when my hair was longer. Incidentally I use a GHD which has surprisingly lasted me for the past 6 years!

God my hair was long! This pic makes me miss it so much!

Since my hair is quite messy, I'll sometimes have to curl it just to re-define my natural curls and make it look neater.  Alot of people think I use my GHD to do my curls. But since they are natural curls, I use a curling wand, which is much easier and gives me a bit more control. It can be a be fiddly and tricky at first (I still burn my hand), but it pays off. I don't like the wands with the piece that holds your hair in place because that just creates kinks at the ends of your hair. I use a BaByliss PRO Ceramic Conical Curling Wand 19-32mm barrel. It has 25 heat settings but I have to use the highest. The larger barrel creates looser curls and the way I wrap my hair around it tightens the curl at the end. I felt a bit stupid taking these photos but hopefully they demonstrate what I mean!

Always wrap the hair around the barrel AWAY from your face.

And to make them stay I spritz a bit of the good ol' hairspray over it all.

And that's it! Simple! I'm thinking of getting my hair dyed back to it's original deep dark brown, sorta getting tired of the caramel ends. What do you think?

=D xx

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