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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Glitter Gal Purple Holo

With an upcoming holographic trend making it's way through the fashion world, what better way to accessorise than pimping up your nails with some holographic action! This is home-grown brand Glitter Gal Bruised Ego, a nice dark purple with some seriously gorgeous holographic magic (given the right amount of sunlight of course!). The last picture is of my right hand, substantially more ratty than my left, however I'm not sure if you can spot it but I put a layer of black polish on my pinkie, ring and thumb before applying a moderate coat of Bruised Ego. I think it actually enhances the holographic effect and makes the purple look much richer. On the same hand I put a layer of plain purple polish on my pointer and middle fingers before applying Bruised Ego, however I'm not sure if it made much of a difference. Anyways, absolutely in love with these Glitter Gal holographics!

=D xx

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