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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Zara Lusting

Just an amalgamation of items I'm lusting after on Zara at the moment. It's times like these I wish I lived in Europe =(


Friday, 26 April 2013

Generation Gap

Sweater - Table 8 | Shirt - ASOS | Pants - H&M | Shoes - eBay | Bracelet - Etsy | Bag - Zara

I bought these pants on holiday in Malaysia in December while shopping with my dad. I asked his opinion on them and he said they looked like those pants old Asian ladies wear. I told him he didn't know what people called fashionable these days. Despite the clear generational gap between by dad and I, I handed over the moolah while he scoffed in the background. They are tailored to fit so nicely and I love the print. And they are just the right length which is rare for me! I've been using the Zara messenger bag so much lately, it's like my own little lunch bag =) So tempted to get the other colours!

=D xx

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Dulled Days

Sweater - Zara | Leggings - Style By Stories | Shoes - Lipstick | Necklace - Princess Polly | Purse - Colette

I've been wearing heaps of black lately, simply because it's the easiest thing to throw on when I've got no time but still want to look decent with minimal effort. Also, I've been feeling a bit un-inspired lately so the creative juices aren't exactly flowing =P mainly due to being swamped with other things consuming my mind. Anyways, I got this Zara sweater in the mail along with the white skort, and decided to throw it on with these two tone leggings. I had a bit of difficulty deciding what to wear with the leggings up until I received the sweater. Its so warm and I LOVE the football-jersey-esque look.

=D xx

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Polka Accents

Just a quick post on the polka dot accent nails I sported over the weekend for my friends' polka dot themed kitchen tea. It was so much fun, I've never been to these pre-wedding parties before, we played all these funny games which was quite entertaining. Here I've used NYX My Sunshine for the two accent nails and then I used black for the rest of the nails and used a dotting tool for the polka dots. Sorry about my messy work, I haven't had time to flex my nail-art skills so I'm a bit rusty!

=D xx

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Croppin It

Top & Pants - ASOS | Shoes - eBay | Necklace - Lovisa

No, I did not wear this outfit outside the confines of my driveway haha. I was just playing dress ups with this pair of (p)leather pants I got on sale off ASOS and I thought I'd shoot this look. I know I'm not the slimmest girl and crop tops look good on those with the body for it, but I thought it went well with the pants, sorta ghetto in style. I paired it with the heels just to add a bit of ghetto? I guess it just brought out the inner gangsta in me =P

=D xx

Friday, 19 April 2013

Colours of the Wind

Jacket - ASOS | Top - Paper Scissors | Skort - Zara | Shoes - Lipstick | Necklace - Diva

Gah I'm in LOVE with this jacket from ASOS! I couldn't decide which pics looked better I just put them all in (sorry!). It's just so vibrant and fitted, and I know it's Autumn here in Sydney which means cold weather and dull colours but I couldn't resist. Plus it was sunny out today (and terribly windy! Made it so hard to shoot this outfit!) I'm also in love with the blogger's favourite Zara skort - I had to buy one online because I fell hard for it and of course it's not in Oz yet. It's so versatile, I have so many outfits planned for it, I apologize in advance if this blog turns into a zara-skort-porn site.

=D xx

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Indian Jewels

Again, another post full of long forgotten pictures. These nails remind me of the colourful saris I wear very rarely for special occasions. I always go for the bright colourful ones jam-packed with sequins and ornate beading that makes you glisten when you enter the room. For these nails I used Elianto S06 for the base and sponged Orly Luxe at the base of each nail (and the whole of my ring finger). Then I finished off with a coat of NYX 24K Glitter

=D xx

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

And so the cold

Top, Jeans & Headband - Topshop | Boots - Windsor Smith | Bag - ASOS | Bracelet - Wanderlust + Co | Scarf - Thailand | Belt - Vintage

Absolutely loving my new Windsor Smith cut-out boots! They are so versatile and pretty damn comfy - got them just in time for the turn in weather (thank god). I've styled them with an all black look here, wasn't in the mood for colour today and didn't really have time to think of anything with all the assessments and work I've got going on at the moment. It's been raining on and off today and is set to continue for the week (so frustrating), hopefully i'll be able to to shoot some more pics in between the downpours.

=D xx

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Days in the Sun

Top - Country Road | Skirt - Romwe | Shoes - Lipstick | Hat - ASOS | Bag - Zara | Sunnies - MinkPink | Watch - Michael Kors | Bracelet - Etsy | Rings - Sabo Skirt

This has to be a classic combination, except for the yellow pumps. I was veering towards the more popular red option, but then I saw these babies hiding in the corner and I thought they'd do. The messenger bag from Zara is my new go to bag - the perfect holdall and I love it's lunch-bag design (Unfortunately I haven't rolled it up properly in these pictures haha) The sun was out when I shot these but it kept moving behind clouds so it doesnt look very sunny in the pictures. Im not one for warm weather but when I get to wear combos like this I'm not complaining =P.

=D xx
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