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Friday, 22 February 2013

Nude By Nature

I've been using Nude by Nature Make Up for the past 2 years now, upon the recommendation from my friend Nat, and I've never used anything but since. It really is amazing how easy it is to use and how flawless it can make you look. I know there are some mixed reviews out there, but it works for me and I can't praise it (or Nat) enough!

I'm not a huge wearer of make up - my daily routine consists of applying eyeliner - so I bought the starter pack in Dark, which has lasted me till now amazingly! But the time has come to fork out some moolah to replenish my store. I actually got this mad deal where I pay just a tad bit more for the normal whole set, and I get all this extra stuff for FREE! Gotta love free shiz! The whole package cost $170, whereas if I was to purchase the full set of the just the powders + primer it would be $150. How could I pass up a saving like that!

So my package came a couple of days ago, and I was so surprised to see sooo much stuff in there!! And they were all full sized products which made the deal even better!

That's pretty much everything that came in the package. Very impressive!

Nude by Nature is the only make up that doesn't cake all over my face, doesn't feel like I'm putting all this crap on it either since it's mineral make up, and the coverage is great. I have uneven skin-tone with dark patches in some places and some ancient acne scarring (in some parts its a bit red), and Nude covers this all up so well. It matches my skin-tone quite well and I love how easy it is to put on! Perfect for a lazy ass like me =D.This pack came with the 'Nude by Night' range which consists of the liquid foundation and concealer. I'm not a big fan of liquid stuff because I feel that its a bit hard to achieve perfect coverage - I much prefer the loose powder. However I obviously had to give it a go, and I wanted to see what the difference was between the normal and night versions. According to the packaging it gives you more of a luminous finish....

So after applying the primer (I prefer my GOSH primer), then applying the liquid foundation, followed by concealer, a bit of powdered foundation, bronzer, finishing veil, blush, a quick brush of eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara (ALL Nude by Nature products btw) this is what resulted.

Sans the messy hair, it's not bad at all if I do say so myself! Bear in mind this was just before going to bed, wasn't going anywhere special and thus was not applied to the best of my ability =P. I did notice that the liquid foundation was a bit lighter in colour than the normal powdered foundation. I think I prefer the normal set, but this is not bad for when I have a bit more time on my hands. Not sure about the 'luminous finish' but it still turned out nice haha. I don't normal use blush or powder to contour (yes, I am THAT un-adventurous with make up =P), but it seems to have turned out nicely (the Nude Virgin Blush colour is quite nice).

My fav new product from the range that I got to try was the lipstick! LOVE the colour they sent me ("Demure"), sorta like a dull pink. I normally don't go for pinks, but this looked heaps nice! I've been looking for a more natural look with my lips other than clear gloss and I like the way this looks.

After applying all that make up I needed to wash it all off before going to bed, so I used all the skin care products, a big change from my normall 30 second rinse with warm water and a bit of cleanser. Im not sure if I'd stick to a routine this involved (well, for me it is - its already the next day and cbf), especially since most of the times I wear make up I'm going out, and if I'm drinking then most of the time it will most likely end up on my pillow instead =P.

Overall, GREAT value for such a great range of products! So glad I got this instead of just buying the normal set. And this is bound to last me for a couple of years haha!

One last shameless selfie =P. Styled my hair a bit diffs, might try this out properly one day!

=D xx

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