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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Multi-coloured Saran/Cling Wrap Nails

I've been finding that one of my most popular posts these past couple of months has been my Saran/Cling Wrap Nails. Personally, It's one of my top 5 fav manicures, it just looks so gorgeous and detailed, when it's actually like the most easiest manicure!

I actually wondered when I first used this technique, whether it would be possible to do with multiple colours. So, due to the popularity of the last post I thought I'd look into taking the technique that one step further. I think it all comes down to the colour combination you use, the order in which you put each colour, and also making sure you dry each layer COMPLETELY before moving onto the next.

First, I started off with NYX My Sunshine. Use your BRIGHTEST LIGHTEST colour first - I find that it pops out more this way, otherwise it gets lost among all the darker colours.

Not the best execution of the technique - but it will do haha

After making sure this layer was COMPLETELY dry, I painted on the next colour - Ulta3 Mermaid Green. I scrunched up a piece of saran/cling wrap (I had this balled up BEFORE I painted the second layer on - be prepared!) and dabbed at the wet layer carefully, taking off bits of it making sure I didn't strip off the whole layer. Don't worry about cleaning up around your nails just yet - you still have one more layer after this to do! Do all you clean up either before or after applying top coat.

After making sure this 2nd layer was COMPLETELY DRY, I painted on my third layer - Ulta3 Pink Colada. Again, I used a pre-scrunched ball of cling wrap to dab at the layers and take off bits of the wet polish. MAKE SURE YOU DO EACH NAIL ONE AT A TIME. Paint on the layer of ONE NAIL and dab at it IMMEDIATELY. Then move on the to the next nail and repeat.

Not the best clean up job =P

I waited for this to dry and painted over with top coat to seal it =). I cleaned up using nail polish remover and cotton buds (or q-tips for you Americanos haha).

Day after - much better clean up haha

The blue/green shows up much better in these daylight pictures.

I think this turned out quite nice! Despite all the advice I just caps-locked you guys with, I actually wasn't as patient with this as I was last time I did this. The second layer didn't 'marbelised' as well because I didn't wait long enough for the first layer to dry. As a result, the colours merge together a bit too much. Also, I think I could have done the dabbing a bit better (again I think this was because I didn't wait for it all to dry properly), looks like there is too much reddish/pinkish polish from the final layer. Well, at least I hope this makes you wait before you rush to do each layer =P. I distinctly remember the first time I did this, I actually painted the first colour on one day, and the next day I did the second layer. So I was guaranteed that gorgeous marbled look. Maybe I'll try it that way the next time I attempt this with different colours.

Above is what I did on my right hand, just experimenting with different colour sequence. In this is used Ulta3 Mermaid Green as the base, Ulta3 Spring Break (a dark purple), with a final layer of Ulta3 Pink Colada. As you can see, the purple is not that visible, but it does seem to provide a darker lining for Pink Colada. On my thumb is the perfect example of not waiting long enough before applying each layer - the colours have smudged together, in some spots taking off all 3 layers completely because they weren't dry enough. The other fingers demonstrate the marbelised effect really nicely though =D, actually I think much better than my left hand haha. But it shows that using really contrasting colours with the lightest ones on the bottom shows the multi-coloured effect more clearly.

Well I hope you all attempt this one! It's so easy and so so so PRETTY!

=D xx

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