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Friday, 1 February 2013

Melbs (yet again =P)

So, Melbourne, we meet again (well, 2 months ago we did =P). My mum even told me I should just get a job there already. But mama dearest doesn't realise I'd miss her too much =P.

What was different about this trip to Melbs? Pretty much just the restaurants we went to and the places we went out to haha. But I still love it nonetheless! The novelety never wears off!The only thing stopping me from going again is pretty much that I'm broke. Oh well! God knows I'll probs have enough to go back there in the latter half of the year ;).

So what did we get up to? Well, what didn't we get up to ;)....


Clearly we *cough* I *cough* ate alot (....of macarons) but that's not even half of it haha. Got some posts coming up for that! (BTW thanks for all the pics Nadi!!)

=D xx

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