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Monday, 11 February 2013

Mamasita, Melbourne

Yes, another foodie post from Melbs. And there are actually more to come. I know. I eat out wayyyy too much =/. But it's so worth it! Especially when you go to amazing places to have amazing dishes that potentially change your life! Well, I am yet to experience this, but in the meantime, I'm good with having tasty noms =D.

Mamasita was high on our 'Melbourne Eats' list. And we purposely set out early just to make sure we could get a table for dinner. To be honest, I was still quite full from lunch at Movida + snacking on our standard QV market goodies, so I went with the intention of not eating at all. I know, stupid naive me.

Anyways, we had to go in 2 taxis, and somehow one taxi ended up getting there a full 15 minutes before the other. ???. So the 2 of us lined up, there were only a couple of people in the line (this was about 6:00pm). We got to the front in about 5/10 minutes and we asked for a table for 5, however we weren't sure where our other dining companions were or when they would turn up. Luckily there was a table for us which she said she could hold for 15 minutes - preeeeetty generous if you ask me given the popularity of the place. And so we waited. And waited. 5, 6, 7, 8 minutes passed. Yes, I was counting. I was so anxious. AND, then it started raining. Which got me even more agitated. I don't know why.

And then just before I called the cops to file a missing persons report, they turned up! JUST in time! By this time the line was literally down the staircase and out the door! In 15 minutes!!!! CRAY CRAY.

Mamasita is located up a flight of stairs, opening up into high ceiling (LOVE), bright (YAY) and spacious area. I was actually expecting something quite old school and more along the lines of El Loco in Sydney. However, it was quite modern and pretty simple. Little things like the grates and feature tiles gave it a Mexican feel. Oh and the hot-sauce haha. And the bar brightened the place up alot.

Finally we got to sit down and have a look at the menu. Wow. So many tasty things I wanted to try, yet my full stomach was betraying me. We compiled our order and the food came quite fast.

de Cangrejo Totaditas - Chargrilled Chicken, Avocado, Chipotle Mayo & Queso Fresco

de Cordero Quesadilla - Braised Lamb, Queso Criollo, Mint & Jalapeno Herb Sauce

con salsa!

Elotes Callejeros - "Street Style" Chargrilled Corn, Queso,
Chipotle Mayo & Lime

I could only try a couple of things, but I'm so glad I did! Although I struggled into my dress before going out that night =/. The corn first up was AMAZING. Like, wow. Simple carbs transformed into an explosion of flavour. So good!

de Lengua y Cachete Tacos - Braised Ox Tongue & Cheek, Pickled Veg & Ghost Chilli Mayo

And I had to try the Ox Tongue Tacos, again, absolutely amazing flavours. I so wanted to have some of the last one, but I just couldn't fit anything else in. I also tried the ceviche which was good, but I think the other dishes eclipsed it.

Ceviche de Yucatan - Market Fish, Green Tomato, Chilli,
Mint, Lime & Coconut Milk

Another amazing place with amazing food I wish I could have tried more of! Amazing is clearly the word of the day =P.


Level 1, 11 Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: (03) 9650 3821

Mamasita on Urbanspoon

=D xx


  1. I love Mamasita! We got there at 11.45am to line up in the rain so we wouldn't miss out on a table (I'm OCD like that)! And the corn here is THE BEST! YUM.

    1. I would defs line up for this place! Yes, amazing corn! And even with my intense cheese aversion the corn was just SO GOOD


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