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Saturday, 9 February 2013


I just recently started a new job (yay!), which for me means more moolah in the kitty. I've been saving up hard this past month since I got back, but the temptation that is online shopping is just becoming too great. I bought a couple of the things last week as a "congratulations" to myself haha. However, there are a few things I've been lusting after that require a bit more determination to save up for, and all the street-style eye candy from the start of NYFW is getting me even more hyped up (and making my shopping lust-list even longer.....)

Valentino Rockstud Kitten Heel Patent Leather Pumps
Valentino Rockstud Kitten Heels

I normally am not a big fan of kitten heels, but I fell in love with these the moment I saw them (not so much the $800 price tag =/). This particular style has a few variations but I love the ankle straps on this. I've seen some look-a-likes popping up, and although I'm not a fan of such products, these are too beautiful and also too exxy, so might scout around for a pair that's easier on my wallet.

For Love and Lemons Moroccan Maxi

I've been told that maxi dresses don't particularly suit me, but that doesn't mean I don't lust after them =P. Well, I'm glad to say I actually bought this beauty (and at 1/2 price! Thank you Urban Outfitters), and I think I look not too shabby in it haha. Btw absolutely loving this collection from For Love and Lemons! The lookbook for Midnight in Morocco is absolutely gorgeous.

Jeffery Campbell 'Hanger' Boots

It's so hard to find a simple, heeled black boots sans studs, metal, tassells and other crap they put on them these days. These look so comfortable and plain enough to wear casual or out. And the price is quite good as well!

Black Milk 'Middle Earth' Map Leggings

Ok, so these are totally amazing. An excellent homage to the best trilogy of all time, I dunno where I'd wear them, but they look mad. My legs are in no shape to substitute jeans for these, but how cool are they!?!

Alexander Wang 'Diego' Bucket Bag

This bag has been on my to buy list for about 2 years now. You'd think I would have bought it now in fear of it being sold out. Alas, I have not. BUT I'm giving my self another month to do so!

That's just a few things I'm hoping to get soon, the list does go on though =/. Ah well, maybe I should get a 3rd job....

=P xx

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