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Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Before I left to go overseas this time, my cousins messaged me asking if I could bring my nail-art stuff with me. I was going to take a few things regardless, given that I was going to a couple of weddings and functions, I hate having ratty nails regardless of where I am.

Well, once I got there, I found out that my cousin wanted me to do the nails for all her bridesmaids =P. Hahaha clearly I have made an impression!! I was a bit apprehensive given that I didn't have all my supplies with me and most importantly, I don't think I'm that talented enough to be doing nail art for a bridal party.

Essie Midnight Cami with a silver pattern and clear rhinestones
I managed to put together a design that went along with the colour theme (Peacock blue and silver), and I even managed to get a hold of some little rhinestones to make them look a bit more elaborate. The result was quite nice and needless to say, my fame has spread somewhat (well, throughout Southern Sri Lanka at least hahha). I had many people come up to me complimenting me on my "work" haha it was quite nice actually =D alot of people thought it had been done professionally! Understandably, the resources to be able to do this properly at home aren't readily available over there. I couldn't get a good picture since my camera was back at home in Sydney being repaired, but Instagram (@eesh_89) has saved the day yet again.

I also did my own nails for the wedding to match my saree =D. And then my cousin had her homecoming party (after the honeymoon) for which I did another design to match my saree for that as well.

Essie Midnight Cami with a gold swirl leaf pattern

Sinful Colors Merlot with a gold elaborate swirl pattern

Since my cousins loved what I did for the bridesmaids, they all requested me to do nails to match their outfits for a party held for the newly-weds =P.

Unnamed Dark Red polish with a gold flower pattern

Sinful Colors Merlot with a gold abstract pattern

China Glaze Liquid Leather with a gold circle pattern

Annnnd then, my youngest cousin, seeing what we were doing, got quite curious and stuck his (yes, a boy =P) hand in my face, indicating that he wanted his own nails I obliged =P.

Hahaha the little munchkin couldn't stop showing everyone his colourful nails =P so cute.

By the end of my holiday I had done so many manicure I actually got through a WHOLE bottle of top coat and nearly finished a bottle of Essie! Time to start charging for my services!

=D xx

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