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Thursday, 31 January 2013

House, Surry Hills

Late last year, I dropped my baby. Yes, my baby. At my best friend's birthday, I had a bit too much to drink, my baby was on my lap, and without thinking, I tried to get up to go to the bathroom, and my baby just rolled off my lap and onto the floor. At the time, I was a bit tipsy, so I was unfazed - I just picked my baby up, dusted her off and said "Yep! She'll be right!". However, when I got home, I was playing with my baby and I realised she wasn't functioning properly. Slow, unfocused, slightly dented, I realised the full extent of her accident. After having a minor *cough* major *cough* panic attack, I remembered I had her insured when I bought her, so I rummaged through my receipts and found the piece of paper that fixed everything. I calmed my nerves and sat down and reassured myself - yep, it was all gonna be OK. My precious camera would be fine.

And she has been returned to me! After I came back from my holidays, a package was delivered to my doorstep and in it was my precious baby all tightly wrapped in bubble wrap.

However, as a result of my carelessness, I was without child for a couple of months. And hence I was forced to use my phone camera to record my adventures. But, I have tried to enhance the quality of my pictures using Instagram (follow me @eesh_89)!

Anyways, babies and cameras aside, while scrolling through the multitude of pics now residing on my phone, I came across ones from House, a Thai restaurant in Surry Hills, which I had forgotten to blog about. For some reason these were all taken on my phone, so again, hopefully Instagram will aid me in making these photos look presentable.

Kor Moo Yang - Char grilled marinated pork neck served with Jim-Jaew dipping sauce
House serves up Thai food, but not the stuff you'd normally expect - Northern Thai cuisine is not highly represented on most Thai menus in Australia, or in fact, most countries. It's sorta like how most people visit the islands of Thailand but skip the more cultural Northern area (and I can assure you you are missing out!!!). However, it's a great alternative to the regular pad see ew and Thai red curry (again, much like the way people chose to travel in Thailand). Alot of the dishes were focused around barbecued meats and drier curries. The spices used were also different, a bit more pronounced and savoury, less sweeter than normal Thai dishes.

Mok Gai Hua Plee - Steamed curry chicken with banana flower,
eschalots, lemon grass, galangal and chilli

Nam Tok Moo - Traditional Isaan salad of thick sliced pork with eschalots,
shallots, vietnamese coriander, mint, ground chilli, ground roasted rice and lime

Ping Lin - Grilled marinated ox tongue served with Jim-Jaew dipping sauce

I remember the real reason as to why we (or more likely myself =P) chose to dine here - for the famed BTS (Better Than Sex) dessert!

Toasted brioche served with pandan coconut gelato topped with Thai caramel sauce
and sprinkled with roasted black & white sesame seeds

To answer the inevitable, is it better than sex? Well, that does depend on your own experiences I guess eh ;) haha but it is indeed very sinful and did taste good. The brioche was soooo nice and soft and sweet! I wonder if the brioche is made in-house or bought....

Nam Kaeng Sai - Thai style shaved ice desert with sweet potato, sweet taro,
pineapple and toddy palm seed. Topped with Thai caramel sauce and coconut milk

If you like your regular Thai dishes but would love to try something new you should definitely hit this place up (again, much like a trip to Thailand should be in my humble opinion =P). Actually, Spice I Am is the sister restaurant of House, so I guess all the restaurants together provide you with all the culinary delights of Thailand!

202 Elizabeth St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Ph: (02) 9280 0364

House on Urbanspoon

=D xx

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