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Saturday, 12 January 2013


Hi guys! So much for getting right back into blogging hahaa sorry!! I've been a little pre-occupied with catching up with friends and work and what-not....

I thought I'd share a few Instagram snaps from my holiday since I was gone for like a month. I went for another one of my cousin's weddings, who looked stunning! Ahhh I miss my cousins, already wanna go back as usual =( (there's quite a few pics in this post, I got carried away while putting this post together hahaha)

My gorgeous cousin!!

Foolin' around <3

The view of the Kandy highlands while enjoying lunch on my parents' birthdays

Trying to fit everyone into the picture =P not even the whole family haha

Mad ass candy Christmas tree at Cinnamon Grand Hotel! Nomnomnom!

My bro and I <3

Cayoootie patooootie cousin!!
Trying to get a pic with said squirmish cutie patootie cousin
Yummy dinner at Tao in Cinnamon Grand Hotel (well cooked duck!!)
One of many many pit stops for mango juice!!
View of Mount Lavinia coastline while having lunch
The only way to get into the restaurant is to cross the train tracks haha
Elephant traffic =P
Tea pluckers combining their bounty on my grandmas estate

The newly weds amongst the crowd

The path leading to my cousins post-wedding party! My favourite photo <3

I also spent a few days in Malaysia with my dad on the way back home, but I thought I'd post a few pics in a separate post so as not to make this one epically huge =P

=D xx 

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