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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Gelato Messina, Darlinghurst

It's hard deciding what to post first, since I have a backlog of nearly 6 months of foodie outings I'd like to post on here =P. So I thought I'd start with Gelato Messina since I've been there a few times now...and I'm lazy to type too much haha.

I think this is a place where many foodies from around the nation make a pitt-stop at when visiting. It is known as the best place to grab gelato from in Sydney, and the crowds probably attest to that.

They have such an extensive range of flavours and the best thing is that they sound so wonderfully luxurious, it's pretty fun standing there trying to figure out which one I want the most. My fav picks are the Coconut & Mango and Apple Pie - together they taste realllly good. I still prefer the texture of N2 over Messina, but many of the flavours at Messina are much more complex and refined which I think many people appreciate more.

My dodgy instagram picture of Apple Pie and Coconut & Mango one night

Next door to Messina's gelateria is their Creative Department which features their gelato architectural creations, it's worth taking a look at (very creative stuff!).....

Make sure you head down to Messina, it's probs one of my fav places to grab dessert, and don't worry too much about the hoards of people, staff are really efficient and you'll get to the counter faster than you can decide which flavour to get =P.

Gelato Messina
241 Victoria St
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Ph: (02) 8354 1223

Gelato Messina Darlinghurst on Urbanspoon

=D xx

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