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Saturday, 26 January 2013

El Loco at the House, Sydney

HAPPY 'STRAYA DAY EVERYONE! Hope you all have fun today, even though the weather doesn't look the best =P. I'm heading to the cricket tonight, hopefully the weather holds up. Even though it's cloudy it's so hot!  Summer in Sydney is scorching this year =P. It's so freakin hot, I forgot how hot it gets since this time last year I was livin it up in the balmy tropical paradise that is Thailand! Best. Aussie. Day. Ever. Snorkeling all day, partying all night! Ahhhh I wanna go back to those pristine blue waters and never ending parties.....

Anyways, one summer evening last week some of my friends and I got together to head over to Dan Hong's pop up restaurant by the Opera House, admiring views of the Harbour Bridge while the sea breeze from the harbour provided a bit of relief from the stifling heat. El Loco at the House was a nice way to relax with friends after work.

I've been to El Loco in Surry Hills before, and I thought the menu they created for this pop-up restaurant was pretty much the same thing. I think what made it special was purely the location and the set up - it was so colourful and charming with the crates for tables and music jamming, and the sandpit was pretty fun haha.

There's also a bar, however the lines for this were a bit crazy so we sacrificed margaritas for a later evening =P. The line for the food is quite long but it moves really quickly - service is heaps fast!! However, trying to nab a table or just a place to sit proved to be QUITE difficult - this place was PACKED to the brim (and we were there around 6), so I suggest you get there heaps early in anticipation of hunger just so you're not left waiting. Or, you could just sit on the floor like many people did haha.

'Camaron' Prawn Taco with Salsa Verde and Picco De Gallo and 'Pollo' Chicken Taco with Sweet Corn Salsa

El Loco Hot Dog (sans cheese =P)

El Loco Salad with Chicken and
Crispy Tortilla Chips and Queso Fresca

Since we didn't get to have El Loco's famed margaritas and funky cocktails, we grabbed a jug of white wine sangria from Customs House afterwards =P. Love this stuff!

Overall, it was OK, I wouldn't say you're missing out on much if you don't get the chance to go. Since the food is pretty much what you'd get at the Surry Hills restaurant, I'd skip the cues and the heat and just head for the hills (haha!) where you hav a guaranteed seat with aircon =P. If you want drinks and the view, might as well head to Opera Bar =P. But If you wanna check it out better be quick it's only on for a couple more days (till the 28th)!

El Loco at the House
Western Broadwalk
Sydney Opera House, Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000

El Loco at the House on Urbanspoon

=D xx

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