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Friday, 7 December 2012

See You Next Year!

Hi Kids!! Sorry for the hiatus, I've been partying it up in Melbs (again!) - early birthday celebration as I won't be in Sydney to celebrate cos I'm heading off to Sri Lanka (in a couple of hours actually) for another cousin's wedding!! Ahhh exciting times!! Anyways, I of course haven't had time to post anything but I assure you I have PLENTY to post about when I get back in January (I'm so behind it's not funny). In the meantime, If you start to miss me too much (inevitable haha =P) have a skim through the archives, especially the last couple of months since I was posting quite alot trying to get through the piles of photographic evidence of the crazy hectic (mainly food-filled) life I lead =P.

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC holiday season and the most wonderful New Year!! Can't wait to jump into 2013 head first, I'm sure it's gonna be equally if not more fun-filled, crazy and amazing (oh and YUMMY!) as 2012!! THANKS FOR READING!!!


Yes, that's me in the background! Hahaha just a
snapshot of the partay in Melbs! More to come when I get back!

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