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Friday, 9 November 2012

Xanthi (Again =P)

I know, I’ve already been to Xanthi and written about it, but I thought It’d be ok to write about it again. Only because the menu seems to have changed a lot since I went the first time, and that was only in about April/May (when I graduated). And this post is actually a couple of months late as well, and when I went to look at the menu to find the names of the dishes, I see the menu has changed again! It’s actually where we went for my friend’s birthday mentioned in the post below, where I wanted to show off my epic rainbow cake haha.

We had a booking at about 8/8:30, but the restaurant wasn’t as busy as we thought it would be which was good cos then we could actually hear our conversation. The food was still as good as I remember it =). There were 7 of us, and due to our hungry stomachs we defs over-ordered....

Fried School Prawns - Crispy as ever =)

Feta and Dill Polenta Chips

I of course had to order Xanthi's Famous Pork Belly Baklava. The moment we sat down I ordered 2 plates for the 7 of us (cos I know it takes a while for them to prepare it). But in my rush I totally forgot that some of us don't eat pork so we had soo much left over.....which I doggy-bagged and took home with =P. So I guess it wasn't so much a bad thing eh =PThoughtlessness, or subconious gluttony? Hmmm..... hahaha

Grilled Haloumi - I don't like cheese but the girls said this tasted really good

Forgot what this and it's not on the menu anymore, but it was some sorts of lamb encased in pastry.
One of my favs!

Lamb Skaras - Perama’s famous slow braised lamb shoulder marinated in paprika, garlic and olive oil.
Barbecued and served with a lemon and olive oil baste, with baked lemon oregano potatoes
and steamed string beans

I'm not usually a fan of moussaka or anything with cheese of course but I tried this Truffle Moussaka and it tasted really nice (pushing aside as much bechamel and cheese as I could hahaha)!! Surprisingly another favourite of mine!
Another dish not featured on the menu anymore and I can't remember what it was =(.
But it looks like some sorta grilled meat as such, I think it was lamb...

The BBQ Spiced Chicken was the disappointing dish of the night. Not much flavour, not much bbq-charredness, crappy garlic cream... I guess after having El Jannah you can't go back =P

Olive Oil Ice Cream - I still prefer the Caramel Baklava Ice Cream!

Overall it was really good! I think it's great how they're mixing up the menu frequently, I love a bit of variety and a reason to come back again =)

Xanthi Bar and Restaurant
Level 6 Dining Precinct
Westfield Sydney CBD
Corner Pitt Street Mall & Market Street, City
Ph: (02) 9232 8535
Xanthi Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

=D xx

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