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Friday, 23 November 2012

Green Refectory, Brunswick

You may recall I blogged about my last trip to Melbs, and within that post I mentioned that we went to a place called Green's to have lunch one day. Well, it's actually called Green Refectory, affectionately known as Green's to those who frequent it regularly, and it's preeeettty popular on Urbanspoon i.e. the Melbs foodie community. Again, yet another place in Melbs I had NO idea was a famous institution. Makes me love the place even more seriously.

My high school friend lives in Brunswick so this place was a short 5 min drive away. Put simply, It's just a simple little cafe with awesome awesome food. I don't have many pictures but it's a pretty crowded and busy place, but like most cafes in Melbs it has a bit of character and charm to it. And Brunswick is just an awesome place, all hip and funky and just amazing. I wish I lived in Brunswick =(.

Now, being a cool ass cafe in Melbs, they obviously don't have a menu on a website to refer to, so I'm just gonna have to guess at what we got (since it was such a long time ago blergh)

A good ol' meat pie with tomato relish

I hear that Green's baked goods are to die for so this must have tasted good!

Mixed salad - Spiced Cauliflower, Grilled Squid and Chickpea Salad

I was feeling particularly healthy that day so I ordered from the salad display.....and THANK GOD I did because I think I had the BEST CAULIFLOWER I HAVE EVER HAD. HANDS DOWN. No joke, the spiced cauliflower salad tasted so good!! I couldn't stop eating it and I wish I could have figured out what was in it so I could recreate it! Ommmmmggggg who knew I would discover my fav cauliflower dish in a small hipster cafe in Melbs?! Well, it's Melbs so I shouldn't be surprised =P.

Pretty sure this was a salmon, cream cheese and grilled-vegetable-of-some-sort combination

SO going back here next week! I want that cauliflower salad! SO GOOD.

Green Refectory
115 Sydney Street
Brunswick VIC 3056
(03) 9387 1150

Green Refectory on Urbanspoon

Annnnddd just an FYI there is a discount shoe shop right next door to it where I picked up some major MAJOR bargains (LOTS of Tony Bianco goodies)!

=D xx

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