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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Granny Smith Festival 2012, Eastwood

Sorry for the week long absence guys, I was just finishing up a major assignment...last one for the year in fact yay! Bludgey bludge time woohooo!

I thought I should do this (very short) post on my visit to the Granny Smith Festival a couple of weeks ago, before it's too late (already borderline haha). The Granny Smith Festival is an annual event held in October in Eastwood to celebrate the creation of the Granny Smith Apple by Maria Ann 'Granny' Smith in Eastwood back in 1868. It's a pretty fun event with heaps of community led stalls selling all sorts of nick knacks and promoting products and services. There's also a cultural show that runs for the majority of the day which is really good. That's what I love about this festival and others like it, because it brings together all the different cultures, celebrating diversity within the area :).

And there are heaaaaaaaps of food stalls as well!

BEST Gozleme! Had the largest line I swear

Sugar Cane Juice! So sweet!

Gosh I'm seeing these guys everywhere now!

It's a geat day out with the family cos they have rides on the oval as well! Ahhhh its like a mini Easter Show haha. Actually, according to good ol' Wikipedia is the largest event of it's kind in Lower Northern Sydney! And just like the Easter Show, it becomes the local kids hang out and 'place to be seen' (don't even get me started =P) towards the end of the day ahaha.

I didn't have much time to do anything except watch a bit of the cultural show and wonder around the stalls for a bit. I picked up a Chip on a Stick (with chilli salt of course haha) as well which I had been craving since I saw one of my fav bloggers posting a pic up on her Instagram haha. Bit greasy towards the end but it was still good!

Instagram! @eesh_89 =D

You should defs go check this one out next year if your in the area and you get the chance :) xx

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