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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Element 6, West Ryde

I'm pretty excited about this new place that's popped up in the suburb next door - dreary old West Ryde. Even better because it's situated on the crappy side of the station hahaha. Element 6 is a small hipster-like cafe that's adding charm to this otherwise rather drab area. I used to walk to this station every day when I was doing full time uni, and the only place you could grab a coffee was at the newsstand at the station, run by a stingy old man (he claimed he didn't have spoons when I politely asked him for one for my yoghurt once....He has a coffee machine. It's a freakin plastic spoon buddy, probs cost you like 2 cents. I hold a grudge.) and it's far from decent. But fear not, Element 6 has arrived!

Firstly, thanks goes to the Instagram recommendations from @theveryhungrykaterpilla, who's pics got me curious as to who was serving up this delish food-porn in the middle of West Ryde. I headed to Element 6 on a Saturday morning for breakfast with my brother and his girlfriend. Apparently it's been open for just over 2 months now, and I'm so glad I went because I LOVE this place! They're still getting the ropes of the place, but given how popular it is already, they are defs doing something right.

They've outfitted the place with all these knick nacks, nothing too fussy, like I said before really hipster-like. Half brick, half stuccoed walls, a black board feature, charming service area, cool wall hangings and simple seating utilising palettes and old-school cafeteria chairs - I love it. Seriously, I never thought we would ever see something like this in this area. It's like we stepped into Newtown or Alexandria or something.

The menu looks so yum omg it was so hard to decide. I normally never eat savoury for breakfast, but I was seriously considering some of the specials....pffft but how could I pass up french toast! Defs coming here for lunch soon.

Just a word on the coffee - apparently it's reaaaally good! I'm not a big coffee drinker but my brother and his gf both got one and they both thought it was excellent. Yay! Suck on that stingy old man!

Honey Bee Smoothie - Bananas, honey & cinnamon yoghurt
Very refreshing!

French Toast with poached pears, pistachios and maple syrup - sooooooo yummy!!

The French Toast was supposed to come with ricotta but due to my cheese aversion I opted out. I was lucky I nabbed the last serving of this gorg dish! Not too eggy and not too sweet =)

Ryedale Vegetarian Big Breakfast - Rosemary Mushroom Ragu, Golden Egg, Greens & Boston Beans, Tomato Relish & Chili Corn Cakes

I sampled a bit from my brothers dish and I loved the pearl cous-cous and the chermoula! If I could get a big plate of that of I would devour it.

Arabian Poached Organic Eggs with Labne, Chargrilled Eggplant, Chermoula & Butternut Cous-Cous

The family next to us had the granola which looked soooo good! So I think I'm gonna get that next time I go for breakfast mmmmm!

Worth coming to if you live in surrounding suburbs, or if you live further out west and cbf travelling all the way to the city just for good coffee. Because this place is the shiz. Seriously it would be great to see if this has an impact on the suburb, maybe encourage more people to start up similar things on the crappy side hahah. Now, if only they opened on Sunday mornings....

Element 6 Cafe
65 Ryedale Road
West Ryde NSW 2114
Ph: (02) 8021 2838

Element 6 on Urbanspoon

Let's get those votes up people! Make it a local institution! Orrrr visit their Facebook page -

=D xx


  1. Shut.The.Front.Door! This place is in West Ryde...I'm SO there - it's pretty close to home too which is good as I cbf going into the city too much these days. I'm too old.

    1. Yes definitely check it out! I'd love to see what other foodies think of the place :) I generally tend to like everything, not much of a critic haha

  2. Thanks for all the info as I am meeting my girlfriends there next week and was wondering what it is like. I am now really looking forward to trying it out.


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