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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Cumulus Inc., Melbourne

Usually, it's not often I go out for breakfast/brunch/lunch - First of all I'm so picky about what I eat in the morning It's just too much for my brain to go out for breakfast =P. And normally there's no one to go out with for lunch. When in Melbourne, I don't have this problem =P. I will GLADLY go out to eat every meal haha. There is just so much nommy food everywhere I always find something my picky appetite can't resist.

On our last day of our last trip there we headed over to Cumulus Inc. down foodie Flinders Lane for brunch/lunch before dragging ourselves kicking and screaming to the airport. I clearly haven't researched my Melbourne restaurants that well, but even this place I had no idea was a Melbourne foodie institute. For some reason for this past trip we had the best luck with restaurants - there wasn't a cue on this Sunday morning! We did have to wait about 10 minutes for breakfast service to be over but staff were very accommodating and offered us drinks while we waited.

I have to say I think Cumulus Inc. is in the top 5 of my dining experiences ever. I LOVED the menu! And I LOVED the concept of shared plates and how they are brought out according to what we have ordered, just so they compliment each other. Everything tasted amazing, I don't think there was a dish we didn't liked.

Complimentary Bread

Tuna Tartare with Crushed Green Pea Salad

This was a favourite among everyone. The pea salad went really well with the tuna - normally I would have issues with such huge chunks of raw fish (like those I had at District Dining) but this was really good.
Kitchen Charcuterie Selection - (From top left) Pork and Pistachio Terrine, Syrahmi Salami, Jamón Serrano, Kurobouta Proscuitto and Wagyu Bresaola with Fried Onion & Creamed Parmesan

This was so good! I love charcuterie, I just don't eat it that often because it's so fatty and because of all the nitrites (the dietitian in me is really shining through =P). I tried terrine for the first time (the 'block' shaped thing in the top left corner), and it was actually my fav thing on the plate haha. I never thought I would like this because I've seen it being made and it doesn't look very appetising =P. But seriously it was so good!

Sadly not on the menu anymore - Some sort of pickled onion dish with a really nice capsicum sauce (??)

Cassoulet of White Beans Braised with Salt Pork Belly, Smoked Blood Sausage & Roast Pork Strap

Probs my fav dish!
The pork was cooked really well, but what I really loved was the cassoulet with the blood sausage! After having blood sausage at Otto Ristorante last year I've sought it out on menus wherever I go, since it's not something I'd attempt to cook or eat at home =P. SO YUMMY!

Cracked Wheat & Freekeh Salad, Preserved Lemon, Barberries

Another favourite!
So simple yet so good! I actually found the recipe for this through Gourmet Magazine because we were desperate to recreate it....but it looks a bit more involved....not so simple as we thought hahaa.

Saffron Spiced Cauliflower, Golden Raisins, Pinenuts & Curd

The only thing I regret not ordering were the famous Madeleines! I considered it, but decided against it as we were heading to the Little Cupcake Bakery to pick up some goodies afterwards (and Brunettis for Macarons). Had I known how famous they were I would defs have gotten them....yea I'm superficial like that.

Fantastic food, good service and nice cafe style atmosphere. Even though the service area is pretty much in the middle of the restaurant, it's not too loud, but the smell of delish food wafting over while you wait is just cruel haha =P.

Cumulus Inc.
45 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9650 1445

Cumulus Inc. on Urbanspoon

Seriously writing all these foodie posts for Melbs is just getting me even more excited about going next week! =D xx

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  1. I loved our brunch at Cummulus - I thought the staff were really friendly, though I do wish my breakfast was a tad bigger. We had the madelines...they were great, but not life altering so don't worry too much about not having them.


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