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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Coldplay I Love You Forever

Coldplay have been my most favouritist band since high school. I have LOVED every single one of their albums, and I have been to every single concert they have held in Australia albeit 1 (A Rush of Blood to the Head - when I was like 13 and my mum still picked my clothes out for me haha). Every single time they have blown me away and all 3 that I have attended have topped my concert experiences list. This tour just passed for Mylo Xyloto was probs the best on the entertainment factor scale! I still like all their older albums better but this concert was just INSANE.

SO CLOSE to this talented man!!

They of course played all their new songs from Mylo Xyloto, but for me the highlights were all the classics! I was absolutely transfixed when they played Clocks, my all time favourite. And I kept screaming throughout God Put a Smile Upon Your Face....ahh the memories! Surprised I got a relatively good video of this as well, since in the rest of them I'm jumping up and down too much or screaming waaaay too loud haha.

We were pretty close to the front in the mosh, and very close to the 'catwalk' part of the stage that extended out, so it was such an amazing experience being so close to such talented (and extremely good looking) people! AND HOW COOL ARE THE LIGHT UP WRISTBANDS!! Absolutely made my night!! SUCH a good idea! They were insane during Charlie Brown!

=D =D =D =D =D =D =D (pics off my Instagram @eesh_89)

Oh I wish it had never ended! I picked up a few foil butterflies to add to my collection from the Viva La Vida Tour (probs the best tour music-wise). And another shirt to add to the collection!

Coldplay your work is amazing <3 please release another album soon!! And come back to Australia! xx

P.S. Guy Berryman take me now <3 ;)

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