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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Cling/Saran Wrap Nails

(UPDATE - Check out my Multi-Coloured Saran/Cling Wrap nails!)

This has to be one of my fav manicures to date. So pretty and yet so freakin easy!! If you get the colours combination right and your polishes are thick enough to create pretty patterns, you can end up with reaaaaally good results. Easy marbled nails!!

Cling Wrap (or saran wrap to other people around the world) Nails are so soooo easy to do. All you need are 2 colours (that compliment each other of course), a piece of cling wrap and top coat.

First paint your nails with your base colour, like you're doing them normally i.e. 2-3 coats. Let this dry completely. I used NYX Surf.

Take a piece of cling wrap and roll it into a ball (not too tight, just loosely balled up) - make sure there are 'creases' in it and that it's not too smooth (otherwise you won't get that beautiful marbled look)

Then paint a coat of your second colour over your base - doesn't have to be that neat. I used NYX Pastel Coral.

Grab your cling wrap ball and quickly dab at the second coat of polish to remove some of the second colour - be careful, don't be too heavy handed or you might just wipe the whole second colour off ahaha. You'll get the hang of it after a few tries.

Make sure you do each nail one at a time because you have to dab at the second colour as soon as you apply the coat.

Once this second colour is dry, apply your top coat.

Annnnnd TAADAAA!! Effortless marbled effect!!

I have so many pictures of it because it looks so nice under all sorts of lighting!!

Gah I LOVE this! Can't wait to experiment with different colours!!

Even matched one of my shirts! Instagram that shieeeet @eesh_89
UPDATE: Check out my MULTI-COLOURED Saran/Cling Wrap Nails!

=D xx


  1. Great tutorial! You make it look so easy, definitely going to try this :)

    1. Why thank you! I checked out your blog and saw your attempt at it and it turned out really nice! Loved your colour choice =)


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