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Monday, 12 November 2012

Chin Chin, Melbourne

Some of you may recall I revisited Melbourne a couple of months ago. I seem to have forgotten to write up about any of the amazing places we went to eat at (Thank you for your posts MissPiggy for jogging my apparently short-term memory =P). And I figured I should write them all up before I go again in a couple of weeks time and come back with more things to wax lyrical about hahah.

One of the standouts was Chin Chin located on Melbourne's self-proclaimed foodie spot, Flinders Lane. We went here on the first day we were there, around 1:30pm on a Friday for lunch. We had literally just landed, did a bit of shopping and got hungry, and Nadi who's our resident foodie-know-it-all suggested we dine here. I had no idea how popular the place was! And we were SO LUCKY because there wasn't even a line! We got seated straight away! Since going, I've read so many reviews that said they had to wait up to 2 hours or more to get seated. I'm silently cheering for our good luck haha.

Chin Chin serves up a range of fusion Thai/Vietnamese/Malay/All-round-South-East-Asian dishes, in a GORGEOUS high-ceilinged warehouse type room with industrial like decor. I love rooms like this, it creates space and the decor is so un-traditional to what is being served, but still looks amazing. It's a pretty busy restaurant, the moment you walk in the waitstaff are moving about everywhere, the music is jumpin and people coming in and out of the place continually. Its so open though so it's easy to sit down and have a nice meal with friends without feeing overwhelmed by it all. Gaahh I love Melbourne.

Love their drinks menu cover haha! Bit blurry but =P

Anyways, on to the food! I think I liked every dish that we got! should see the menu - so much to choose from! I'm so tempted to go back when I go to Melbs at the end of this month (so excited!). Omg just looking at the pictures reminds me of how good everything was - so flavourful and fresh!

The Chin Chin Pork "Roll Ups" - Red Braised Suckling Pig with Pancakes, Slaw and Asian Herbs

Big big fan
of this hands-on dish! Tasted really good and they were actually pretty easy to put together, and surprisingly much less messier than similar dishes I've had. Lots of fun =)

Spicy Corn and Coriander Fritters with Iceberg Lettuce and Chin Chin Chilli Jam

Fritters aren't always that good a choice - they can be floury and bland. But these were of course amazing! This girls LOVED the sauce on both this and the Pork Roll Ups and we made sure they left them there till we finished them haha.

Crispy Skinned Duck, Pickled Cucumber & Ginger Salad with Sesame Salt and Fresh Lemon

Crispy Barramundi and Green Apple Salad with Caramelised Pork, Chilli and Lemongrass

I reckon this was the standout dish!
This tasted INCREDIBLE! I couldn't stop eating the pork and the salad went so well with it! I'd go back just for this seriously.

Pad Kaphroa - Stir fry of Steamed Chicken Breast, Silken Eggplant & Babycorn with Holy Basil, Oyster Sauce ad Scud Chilli

One of the girls (the one who's holding the dish up - yea Thulz the more you interfere with the photography the longer you'll have to wait to eat it haha) had this chicken dish in Thailand recently and I think is one of her must-order dishes whenever it is featured on a menu. Was a pretty good rendition of a Thai classic.

Roti and Rice

Dessert was another standout (which is saying something since everything tasted amazing!). Best palm sugar ice cream I've ever had and I fell in love with the salted caramel honeycomb. The lime syrup complimented the whole thing really well, adding a bit of a zing.

Palm Sugar Ice Cream Sundae with Salted Honeycomb
and a Lime Syrup

Just another EXCELLENT foodie experience in good ol' Melbs! Amazing fusion dishes, so creative! And reaaally good value for money. If we had places like this dotted around Sydney like they do in Melbs I'd be obese by now.

Chin Chin

125 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: (03) 8663 2000
Chin Chin on Urbanspoon

GOSH just look at all those votes!! It seems Urbanspoon is much more popular in Melbs eh! And you should see the amount of reviews for this place! Incidentally I think Chin Chin has been sitting on top of the most popular list for Melbs for more than a year! INSANE! Makes me feel even more privileged to have gotten in so easily ahaha!

=D xx


  1. We couldn't get into Chin Chin - boo! We arrived too late in the evening and were told we'd have to wait for 2 hours! We went to Coda just down the road that which was excellent! The food at Chin Chin looks GOOD - a bit like Ms G's perhaps? Hopefully I'll get to try this in February when we revisit Melbs.

    1. Definitely try again it is so worth the wait! Yeh it is a bit like Ms G's now that I think about it. Might visit Coda when I go in a couple of weeks time, thanks for the suggestion :)


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