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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Pyrmont Grower's Market - Launch of Sydney Crave Food Festival

Crave Sydney International Food Festival had it's launch on Saturday, and I was determined to go since I missed out on all the action last year. I made a date with my friend Nadi to get up early and head over to Pyrmont Grower's Market on Saturday morning. Unfortunately for us, it wasn't the best weather to be trudging around in a park =P. It was a bit difficult traipsing around with a huge umbrella, trying to navigate around other huge umbrellas haha.

However, we did have alot of fun! The central theme for this year's festival seems to be BBQ Madness, and so there were heaps of flame grilled treats to try out. We came across all sorts of yummy treats, it was sorta like a mini food expo with all this gorgeous produce and products to try.

There was a huuuuge line in front of the Rockpool tent where they were serving up some BBQ goodness (can't remember exactly what it was but it sounded amazing!). There were other tents housing famous names such as Longrain and Fish Face.

We came across some familiar faces as well like Indira Naidoo (we sorta got excited when we saw her and she noticed us staring and gave us a funny "i-don't-know-you-but-im-gonna-smile" look haha), Kylie Kwong, and Nadi's keen eye even spotted a Channel 7 news-reader hahaha.

Yay Sweetness from Epping!

There was so much yummy stuff we could have gotten, but we werent that hungry goddamit since it was so early, such a shame!! I really wanted to try the Reuben Sandwich, but my stomache just wouldnt allow it =(. We managed to share this delicious scone though, fresh out the oven mmmm sooo good! And a divine mango peach juice for me (no photo since I gulped it down =P)

The weather was a bit of a dampener on the whole thing, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. I'd love to go back another Saturday when the sun's out and we can sit on the grass (chomping on a Reuben sandwhich ahaha). After walking around for a while we decided to head over to The Star to check out Zumbo's since I've never had his macarons before (Those of you who follow my Instagram - @eesh_89 - will know what resulted from this little detour haha - Post to come!!)....

Pyrmont Grower's Market is held on the first Saturday of every month at Pyrmont Bay Park, just across from The Star =)

Hahah friendly farmer posing for the camera =P

=D xx

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  1. Now my mouth is salivating for the food in this markets in Sydney. Must check them out during my off.


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