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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Night Noodle Markets 2012 - Crave Sydney International Food Festival

Even though the Night Noodle Markets have come and gone for the year, I felt I should share my experience this year, since we actually got a good haul this year! On previous years I’ve attended, we were either busy getting too tipsy to enjoy the food =P, or we just weren’t that hungry. So I made sure I turned up sober and with an empty stomach =P.

I love the Night Noodle Markets, which happen once a year as part of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival, only on during the latter half of the week for about 3 weeks in October. It's a shame they don't operate throughout the week and for the whole month because if they did I defs would have made the trek into the city more than once, just to try all the yummy food on offer (and there's alot!). It's a great opportunity, like many other festivals, to try out the cuisine offered by popular eateries in Sydney, without having to go to the restaurant (which will inevitably happen once you've sampled their food and realise what you've been missing out on hahaa).

We got there just past 7pm and we were anticipating huge queues, but it wasn't that bad actually. And it was really good because the sun was still out,was a really good atmosphere. We started off at New Shanghai for the Pork Buns, as I had been drooling over them on Instagram from the week before. They were really soft and really tasty!

My companions got some Spring Rolls and some Chicken Dumplings from another Chinese stall, which came with the spiciest sauce! Pretty good but a bit oily so we couldn't finish it.

At this point it was getting dark and more crowded, but we were still waiting on another friend and we felt like something sweet. So upon recommendation from mother dearest we headed to Chat Thai. Mum had been going on about these "little round things with sweet stuff in them" from when she went the previous day. Of course, I thought she was talking about doughnuts, but she was in fact talking about Khanom buaing which I had actually sampled on my trip to Thailand earlier in the year. They were quite nice, not as good as the ones from Thailand of course haha. We also got some Coconut Ice Cream which was really refreshing and came with yummy sticky rice, and some Banana Fritters (another delish snack I devoured in Thailand on numerous occasions) which would have benefitted from some sugar or sweet syrup over them, but I still chowed down they are soooo addictive.

Khanom buaing - Sweet thin wafers filled with meringue, candied dried shrimp or egg yolk  and herbs/sesame seeds

We were quite full after this, so we decided to just sit around until our other friend came. It was really nice cos the sun had set and they had turned on all the coloured lights which lit up Hyde Park like a giant Christmas pavilion, and the live music pumping away. It was great!

Once our friend turned up, she was quite hungry so we went to get some more food haha. She got a sort of Dumpling Soup which tasted really good! The broth was heaps flavourful and it was the perfect dish to warm up with since it was sorta cold once the sun set.

After this she was still hungry so we decided to line up for Mamak, even though it was the largest queue. However, the line was moving really fast, so we got the front in about 5 minutes! And it was SO WORTH IT. Omg this is what I mean by you find out what you’ve been missing out on all this time. This tasted SO GOOD. Omg the roti was PERFECT and the curry it came with tasted AMAZING. I need to go to Mamak. I don’t care I have to line up. Well, actually, I do, this food is too good to wait around for 2 hours for when it’s like 3 meters away!

Best of the night!!

After the roti was devoured we decided to take a little break and sat back to soak in the beautiful atmosphere. I love the Night Noodle Markets, I can't wait for next year!!

 =D xx

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