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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

N2 Extreme Gelato, Haymarket

Anyone who's followed me on Instragram in the last month will know of my obsession with N2. I dunno why I like it so much. Well, actually I do =P - the gelato tastes amazing, the texture is one that I rant on about to anyone who will listen, and the concept still amazes me!

Ooooooo magic!!

I know there have been pleeeeenty of reviews and explanations about N2 Extreme Gelato, but I'll just a write a bit anyways. The reason why this place is so interesting and unique to any other ice creamery or gelato joint is because they freeze their gelato right in front of you using dry ice (liquid nitrogen). It's amazing to watch as they pour the contents of your gelato-to-be into a blender, set the speed, grab a beaker full of steaming dry ice, pour it in, and the gelato magically solidifies. All the while they have quite a few blenders running for all the flavours, and you have all this 'steam' gushing out really making the place look like a wacky science lab (which is the way they've outfitted the place of course). I love it! The novelty hasn't worn out yet for me!

Serving water in beakers! SO CUTE!

Hahaha love the 2nd line! It's so true but =P

I have visited N2 about 5 times in the last month, at least once a week. I think every time I go out for dinner in the city and I feel like something sweet to finish off the night, I rack my brain for ideas, but I know my stomach has already decided on N2. I swear, I know it's gelato but I keep saying ice cream because it actually has the mouth feel of ice cream. I'm not sure how they achieve this though (well, now I do since I read the 'About Us' section of their website =P). People always ask me is it better than Gelato Messina? I know alot of people would say hell no because the flavours at messina are very traditional flavour combinations and a bit more refined than the ones you find at N2 (but the ones at N2 are also really creative)....but given my palette I think I like N2 better *ducks for cover*......, and I believe the texture has alot to do with that. Maybe because I like ice cream better than gelato anyways and N2 remnds me so much of ice cream.

I've tried many of the flavours at N2, and I love how the change the menu every week! Makes it all the more interesting each time (as does the way they present the menu ahahaha - always amusing!). I think my fav so far has been the White Chocolate & Passionfruit - I have never had a better white chocolate gelato/ice cream EVER. I love it. All the pics were taken on different occasions of course, so they all look slightly different...

1st visit - Buttered Popcorn! Obviously I was very impressed

2nd visit - Earl Grey Caramel - Interesting...

3rd visit - Confused Cereal! Inspired by Christina Tosi
(I love her!) Another fav of mine, not sure what was in it but it
tasted good! And loved how they rolled it in cereal hahaha

3rd visit again - Miso Caramel - Intense miso flavour, you
don't need much of the miso topping with each bite of gelato

4th visit - White Chocolate & Passionfruit (Can't really tell there's passionfruit in it in the pic =P), Sour Cream Chocolate (sooo good!) and Murray River Salted Caramel (Could be more intense on the flavour - Messina's is no better)

5th visit (Instagramed! @eesh_89) - White Chocolate & Mixed Berries
(Another hit! You can see the red flecks of the mixed berries a bit lol)
and Mango Sorbet (really refreshing)

The staff are all really friendly as well and soooo adorable! They really reflect the vibe of the place with their labcoats and lensless glasses, and they can be quite cheeky haha. They are so patient and efficient given how many people you get queueing up sometimes, and the process of the gelato prep isn't exactly the quickest.

The scoop size is MASSIVE here, I'm assuming because to freeze the gelato they need to use a decent amount. GREAT value for money at $6, but it's a huge amount so be prepared to either share or come with a bit of room in your stomach (I always do the latter haha). Fear not people, you are still able to try out the flavour before you purchase, just ask at the counter and if the line isn't too long they are happy to oblige :). Beware, one thing to note is this gelato melts fast! Not sure why...

One last crazy wacky lab shot! So cool!!

I can't wait to go back again soon! I know I've tried a few of their flavours but there's so much more to try!!
 Thought I'd give it a break for this week, but I know i can't stay away for too long ahha. Just checked out their website and you can actually submit your own flavour ideas! HOW COOL! Annnnd you can check out some of their ever-changing menus. And also an explanation on why their gelato is sooo smooth and velvety!

N2 Extreme Gelato
43/1 Dixon Street
Sydney NSW 2000

N2 Extreme Gelato on Urbanspoon

=D xx


  1. Wow, this place looks so cool! Definitely checking it out next time I'm in the city.

  2. Definitely! Lemme know what you think =D


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