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Thursday, 18 October 2012

MCC Pasta Making Class

I've always wanted to learn how to make pasta. I tried once, a couple of months ago. but I failed =(. The dough went waaaay too hard and I couldn't roll it properly through the machine. So, I decided I would try my first ever cooking class.

I'm a bit sceptical of cooking classes because I believe if you can follow a recipe, maybe do a bit of background reading, your good to go. But I guess, with things that involve a bit of technique, it would be wise or helpful to seek help from a professional! And so, I signed up for a Pasta Making Class with Macquarie Community College. I was tempted to go for one at a restaurant, but they are sooooo pricey and don't last as long as the one I found. The MCC course was $150 for a 10am-4pm session, which is reaaaaaally good value because we got soooo much done and it was GREAT hands-on experience.

Antonella was our mentor and she explained a bit about the history of pasta and all the important things we needed to know. Pretty soon we were prepping the ingredients for the veal ragu, watching her preparing said ragu, and then straight onto the pasta making!

It was great because not only did we learn how to make pasta but also some great sauces to go with it. We got the opportunity to make both fettuccine and ravioli, and we were also taught how to create different shapes from the pasta sheets and how to use the pasta roller to it's full potential.

2 ingredients.....



(Rest) and roll-out!!
Surprisingly, making the pasta was relatively simple! 2 ingredients - mix, knead, rest and then roll-out (and cut unless you're making lasagna =P). EASY! But it was so good to have Antonella guiding us through each step. By the time we came to making the pasta sheets for the ravioli, we were working independently and at double the speed!

My first ever pasta sheets!

Cutting it into fettuccine!!

The veal ragu we made was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Amazing! I don't think I've ever had slow cooked veal ragu before but I am officially converted! And the bacon rashers which were added for flavour (and later taken out) also tasted sooo good! We also made a carbonara sauce which I was told tasted really good as well (not the biggest fan of cream here). AND THE PASTA!! Fresh pasta is the bomb. Silky smooth, great bite. End of story. Well, I will say that I wish it wasn't so time consuming to make pasta because you really can taste the difference!

Slow cooking the veal ragu mmmmm


Fettuccine Carbonara =)

The ravioli we made was spinach and ricotta which I am not a fan of, so I got to doggy bag it and take it for the fam-bam, who said it tasted really good =).

Larger ones are called raviolo and you'd normally only serve a few

You know they're boiled enough when they start to float to the surface

The course was well worth it and a great experience! I'm so glad I took it because now I KNOW I can make pasta and I KNOW it's easier than I thought it was! Great day out as well, would be fun to do a another class with friends (actually I signed up for a Cake Decorating Course with MCC with a friend ahha, I'll let you know how it goes!)

=D xx

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