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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween peeps!! Celebration of this...occasion? event? slowly growing in parts of Oz. When I was doing the 7 Bridges Walk last weekend we passed through some neighbourhoods I haven't visited before and it was great to see some streets really getting into the spirit of Halloween! Decorated houses, kids dressed up (even though it was like the middle of the day =P). Hopefully this will just grow because I remember when I used to live overseas Halloween was one of the funnest times of the year =D. We went to some mad Halloween parties as kids and trick or treating meant actually bringing back bags and bags full of candy, not just a handfull as is sometimes seen in these parts haha.

My part on getting into the Hallowen spirit included pimping up my nails. I decided to make them all different cos I couldn't really decide on one pattern. I started with different base colours for each nail...

Thumb - NYC Lili White
Pointer - Chi Chi Meeting the Mother In Law
Middle - OPI Y'all Come Back Ya Hear
Ring - Ulta 3 Spring Break
Pinky - NYC Black Satin

Then I put a different design on each nail, and all in different complimentary colours =D

The blood drip on the pinkie should have been in red but it didnt show up well when I did it. So I just did it in white (you can see a bit of the red remnants on there).

I think my fav is the witches hats just because of the colour combo. Im seriously conisdering taking the spider off already - I have a borderline phobia of spiders, and even just looking at my thumb makes me shudder a bit =S.

Have fun trick or treating wherever you are in the world!! xx

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