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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

District Dining, Surry Hills

When I heard that District Dining was closing in 2 weeks (however not permanently! They are re-opening with a totally different concept =D ) I just HAD to make a booking, since I HATE missing out on great eateries (I usually hear the news too late, I get totally depressed when I find out places that I really wanted to go to have closed down.....). I managed to find a trusty foodie to accompany me and we headed off on a Wednesday night.

If only I took  picture of the whole menu...or I could have just taken it =P was just a piece of paper meh

Since making the booking I had been ogling the menu the whole week and hyped myself up for the good food that was to come! Normally when I do this, I'm let down somewhat (as I semi-was with Ms G's)....however it was not the case this time!! The food was SO GOOD! When it came to deciding which dishes we wanted we were stuck though =P there was so much I wanted to try! But we managed to pick out some real good ones! It really is a shame I never went here earlier or I would have made the trip several times =(.

Crispy Pig's Ears - Tastes better than it sounds! Like mini pieces of crackling

Wagyu Beef for the Pancakes! Yuuuuumm

Beef Pancake ready to be rolled up! Love the DIY concept!

At this point I was complaining about the lighting (as is always the case) and my friend had the idea to use the light off his phone hahaha, and it worked! So doing this from now on! Even though we probs looked like the biggest dorks.

Kingfish Ceviche - not the best, not much flavour and the chunks of fish were too big =/

Wagyu Beef Tataki - came with the best sauce!! This tasted really good

Pork Neck with Parsnips and some sort of red wine/balsamic vinegar sauce -
The pork was a bit thick but everything tasted really good together

Unfortunately since they have closed I can't see the menu! So my dodgy attempts to describe the dishes will have to do =P. The only dish I didn't take to was the ceviche. The chunks of fish were way too big and I didn't think there was much flavour to it. However, everything else was really good! Loved the Wagyu Pancakes and the Tataki!

Eton Mess - meringue, lemon curd, passionfruit sorbet and violets

My fav defs had to be dessert. O.M.G. I LOVE passionfruit. AND I LOVE meringue. I was in heaven. I would like to recreate this Eton Mess because it's pretty simple....

I really liked it here, it really is a shame they are closing down. I really liked the feel of the place, sorta like an up-market bar, classy but not pretentious. If I came here earlier I guarantee you I would have re-visited on more than one occasion. Hopefully the new concept will be just as good (On the website it's got something about Mexican....hmm interesting!)!

District Dining on Urbanspoon
(Probs no point putting this since it's closing...ah well)

=D xx


  1. I'm sad these guys are closing too as I love their food...esp the pigs egg & school prawns! I think most bloggers use their iPhone torches in dark restaurants...I even had a restaurant manager help me out with his last week.

    1. Bahaha I thought I was the only one! Hahah such a newbie I am lol.


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