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Monday, 17 September 2012

Nail Marbling

HI peeps! Sorry for my short absence, I was off gallivanting with my friends around Melbourne! Only just got back last night and I'm recovering at home hehe ;). Anyways, I'll be posting about my getaway soon.

I thought I'd share with you today my attempt at nail marbling! A very popular technique with nail artists in recent times, it's a trend I've been ogling for some time now. I finally worked up the courage to attempt this on a recent day off. Lemme tell you now, it's definitely not as easy as it looks, takes a few trials to get even a decent result, it's extremely messy, and can waste ALOT of polish =P. I'm still not sure if the outcome is worth all the trouble. I mean, maybe if I practise a bit more and got a prettier result it would be worth the effort.

How messy is it?!
Anyways, I followed one of many YouTube videos out there to do this. I know there are more popular ones out there, but the one by PinkAddictive seemed to work best for me.

I had to try this SEVERAL times before I got a decent result. I think the main thing I learnt is that the water MUST be room temperature or it WILL NOT work. The polish will not spread properly in the water and just fall in clumps to the bottom or just sit as concentrated pools of polish on the surface.

My left hand WITH white polish

My right hand with NO white polish
Another tutorial I watched said to paint my nails white (sheer) and then commence with marbling, so as to give the nail a blank canvas to work with. So I left my right hand with no white polish and my left with white polish. Personally I think I like the right hand better, i.e. with no white polish. But only because I could see spots of white polish on my left nails and the polishes I used were sheer, and the pattern not as concentrated.

As you can see in the first picture, putting tape around your nails is definitely worth it, otherwise when you go to marble them you will get polish up to your knuckles which can be a bitch to clean up...

Don't be afraid to use alot of polish to make the rings that you will manipulate into a pattern. This is the only way you will get a concentrated pattern. If you create only a small amount of rings, your pattern will be quite sheer, and may not look as nice and not as easy to manipulate into beautiful patterns.

Another thing I learnt was to use a bowl/cup with a relatively small circumference. If you use a bowl with a wide opening the polish will spread too far and it can make it much harder to create a pattern. Using a smaller bowl or cup will limit the space in which the polish will float, making it easier to create a pattern, and effectively use less polish.

I won't post a tutorial on here or anything because I think there are already plenty out there and they cover tips and tricks extensively. But definitely don't be disheartened by my warnings, it's something you should try if you love doing nail art.

=D xx

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