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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Melbs Again :)

Ahhh I love Melbourne too much not to go back there again..and again...and again. I might as well move there, since it is the most livable city in the world!

Last weekend a went with a bunch of friends for a getaway. It was so much fun! Dining out at some of the best restaurants, shopping every chance we got, partying like no tomorrow.....ahhh miss it!

I headed down Thursday morning so I could spend some quality time with my gorgeous friend Lucy who is lucky enough to live there. Another friend of mine was down for the weekend from Canberra, so we had a merry old time :). Had a great time shopping down in Brunswick. After burning some cash we had a fabulous lunch at Green's which seems to be a popular local joint. We also visited a Mediterranean food wholesaler...I got so excited omg. They have the BEST pastas, sauces, fresh cheeses, charcuterie....omg I nearly cried that I don't live near such a place. To compensate for this fact we stopped for a few nibbles, which made me want to stay even more :(.

Just the pasta aisle alone got me excited


Italian Wine heaven

Yummy chocolate filled heart <3

Fruit and Nut Twist - Love Italian pastries!
At night we went out for cocktails early on, just chilling while indulging in a few (DELICIOUS!) Apple Martinis ;) Luce also took me to Rooftop Bar for some mulled wine over fantastic views! Wish I could have stayed up there forever...

Apple Martini time!!

Catching up with long-time friends :)

Rooftop Bar <3
Our (blurry) mulled wine

We ate at some preeeeettty hot places throughout out trip! Luce took me to dinner at Cookie, and they had THE BEST PRAWNS I HAVE EVER HAD. EVER. Dining at Chin Chin was defs a pleasurable experience. Loved their drinks menu!! We also got the opportunity to go to Cumulus Inc. for lunch! Gorgeous concept of sharing plates and all the dishes complemented each other (I've got some posts lined up for all these wonderful eateries). Little Cupcake Bakery was also on the must visit list. I don't normally like cake but these were so adorable and light! Couldn't leave without a few macarons from Brunetti, a Melbourne institution. AND a visit to Burch & Purchase for my Salted Caramel fix!

Yuuuuuuummm!! Best chocolate EVER

The Little Cupcake Bakery!

Brunetti Macaron-fest
Actually, we ate quite alot of macarons on this trip ahah. Everywhere we went they were selling them...

Blackcurrant (tastes like RIBENA!!), Passionfruit, Blood Orange, Vanilla
And I just HAD to go to Queen Victoria Markets again! Grabbed some of my favs like the eggplant dip and roasted garlic sourdough. And I nabbed a Bubblegum Macaron (again lol) which I have fallen in love with!

Best feast! Sooooo good!!!

Dining with a panda =P
 Every trip has a drunken night followed by a midnight snack....(incidentaly those are all my shoes hahaha)

But my fav part was hangin with my girls =). I couldn't think of a more gorgeous, fabulous, crazy, fun-loving, emotional, soul-bearing bunch of ladies to go with <3. I still laugh at the memeory of us sitting in shock in Fed Square as Nadi serenaded us, and most of Melbourne, with One Direction. Ahh love you guys!

Can't wait to go again! =D xx

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