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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Lace and Frills

I reckon cleaning up my wardrobe is like opening up a treasure chest. I have so much crap that I forget I own certain things, especially clothing, and I get really excited when I find things I forgot I had (or forgot that I bought =P).

Earlier this year I bought a pair of shorts by Miss Unkon during Sydney Fashion Weekend. They were a bit snug as I was carrying a bit of holiday weight, so they ended up being buried under a pile of clothes shoved in my wardrobe. But after a thorough clean up, I found them, and now they fit! Yay! I actually thought it was a skirt at first but they are indeed shorts. But I love how they flare out and look all frilly and girly.They are so cute I thought they'd go really well with my lacy Louise Top from Sabo Skirt, which has the best detailing on the sleeves. And to top it off, my (shaved) rabbit fur coat from Rodeo Show - So unbelievably soft!

Sleeping shot =P

Top: Sabo Skirt
Shorts: Miss Unkon
Coat: Rodeo Show
Shoes: Therapy
Jewellery: Bracelets - Adorjo, Earrings - Accessorize
Clutch: Collette

=D xx


  1. You look absolutly gorgeous!
    Check my blog, Chance to change

  2. Oh that's sweet thanks hun :) Will defs have a look at your blog!


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