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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Etsy Love

There are so many things I come across on Etsy that I want to buy. It's amazing what you can find on there! And I'm always in awe of the plethora of handmade items, and how INCREDIBLE they look. I swear the craftsmanship is beyond this world! Maybe I'm so fascinated by it because I myself would never be able to create such amazing things...I just thought I'd share a couple of things I found too irresistible not to purchase =)

I came across Clair De Lune Jewelry while searching for a "love" bracelet after seeing the Forever 21 love bangle picture floating around Pinterest and Instagram. As you'll see in the pictures, Agatha, the owner and creator of Clair De Lune Jewelry, has made a beautiful love bracelet featuring tiny red stones, and originally had little skulls on them but I requested one without. I absolutely love it! It such a gorgeous bracelet and I've received soo many compliments and "where-did-you-get-that"s haha!

Anyways, after spying the bracelet, I went on to look at her other pieces, and I was immediately in love. I placed an order for a few things, and Agatha was really helpful and pleasant putting the order together for me, and also gave me a bulk order discount (so sweet!). I pretty much put through custom orders for all the pieces to get the lengths right and also change a few of the chains around (the satellite beaded chain is DEFINITELY the prettiest one!). Given this, Agatha was quite speedy with the delivery and I got them a few days after placing the order.

The Skull anklet is soooo cute!!
Needless to say I absolutely love the pieces. The star necklace and crescent moon necklace have replaced my usual one, I love how they sit on my neck =). Thank you Agatha for your gorgeous creations!

Another item that has been doing the round on various fashion mediums is the gold Zara sequin clutch. Unfortunately for us here in Australia, anything Zara from overseas either won't appear in the Sydney store, or wont appear for another 6 months and then will sell out in a couple of days since all the fashionistas get there before I can even contemplate heading over there. So I trolled the net looking to see if I could find a sequin clutch at least, and I came across Wendy's post on Wendy's Lookbook, where she featured this gorgeous gold sequin clutch that was not, thank god, from Zara! So I scurried over to the link she posted for the clutch and it brought me to Marissa's Etsy shop IMADEITbyMars.

Ooooo so sparkly!!

After nearly crying with joy I put through an order for the clutch. And I requested black lining instead of the original pink it came in, which Mars was more than happy to do, and I received the clutch less than 2 weeks later =D. I love this thing!! I think I need to use it or "break it in" as such to get some of the stiffness out, but other than that its an amazing piece! Thank you (again) Mars!

Seriously the talent you see on Etsy is beyond amazing. Head over there and have a look! You'll never know what treasures you'll come across =) xx

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