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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Café Cre Asion, Sydney

Macaron fever is high in Sydney atm. Well, it has been for a while now, but more so at the moment with the opening of a branch of French macaron giant Ladurée in Westfield last week. I heard queues were massive, with a wait of up to 2 HOURS! Insane! I haven't heard the best of reviews, but I think once the hype dies down and the branch eases into it's groove I'm sure the kinks will be smoothed out.

I, on the other hand, decided to visit another macaron haven in Sydney, tucked away on Alberta street, just a 5 minute walk from World Square. Café Cre Asion may be situated down a dodgy alleyway that could easily be missed, but it's macarons are probs the best I've had in Sydney. They are on the slightly smaller side, a tad more exxy than your average macaron ($2.80) but they taste damn delicious and technically & texturally exactly what a macaron should be like. They have a range of flavours which change daily, and I was lucky enough to go on a Monday morning just before lunch when the best of the batches were out and the cafe was pretty much empty, so I took my time selecting my bounty.

From Left to Right - Top Row: Bamboo Charcoal, Buerre Noisette, Yuzu, Buerre Noisette
Bottom row: Blood Orange, Oreo Coffee Cookie, Caramel, Green Tea
The cafe itself is modern and simple, with large glass windows that make the place look larger. It sorta looks outta place down an alleyway with just back entrances to business buildings, and I felt a bit dodgy taking out my camera and taking photos by myself ahhaa. But I did snap some of the macarons of course!

Left to Right, Top to Bottom - Yuzu, Oreo Coffee Cookie, Blood Orange, Bamboo Charcoal, Green Tea, Buerre Noisette
I tried to pick some flavours I wouldn't normally pick, and also some more unusual ones just to try. Got two of the Buerre Noisette (burnt butter) because I love them =P. I think my fav had to be the Oreo Coffee Cookie and also the Blood Orange. But they are all soo yummy! The most unusual was defs the Bamboo Charcoal, it had a weird taste I couldn't identify.

They also sell a range of other baked goods such as dark chocolate and sea salt cookies and vanilla bean shortbread, which I'd love to go back and try, along with some of their other macaron flavours.

Definitely hit this place up if your not keen on a 2 hour wait for frozen Swiss imported macarons (I'm not that patient), and want good value for money. I'd rather wait for the hype to die down on Ladurée. Home grown (made?) all the way!

Café Cre Asion
21 Alberta Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Ph: 0404 941 528

Café Cre Asion on Urbanspoon

=D xx


  1. LOVE cafe cre asion! the strawberry milk macarons are freaking amazing!

  2. Agreed!! Havent had the strawberry milk one yet, Hopefully I can head back there soon :)


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