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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Caffe Moretti, Leichhardt

I'm currently planning a trip down to good ol' beautiful Melbourne in a month, and a place that came up during brainstorming on things to do and see was Lygon St and the fabulous Italian food on offer there. And so I started craving Italian food naturally, which nower days leads me to pour over delicious food pics on Instagram haha, and as I was scrolling through my Instagram pics (you can FOLLOW ME =D: @eesh_89 - have a look at my stream to the right!) I came accross some that made me nostalgic for Sydney's own Little Italy in Leichhardt.

My best friend and I actually stumbled upon Caffe Moretti by accident, and until I saw the giant woodfire oven near the entrance, I didn't realise this was one of the restaurants featured in the Italian Restaurant challenge in Series 2 of Masterchef. Naturally I got heaps excited =P.

Caffe Moretti is situated in a little nook just off from the Italian Quarter in Leichhardt. We went there on a sunny Thursday for a late lunch and there weren't many people which made for a nice quite lunch. The menu looked really promising with a mix of pastas, pizzas and mains, and there was a lot I wanted to try (again, somewhere I can hopefully go again to sample some more dishes!). We both settled on pasta dishes which turned out to be really nice! I have difficulty finding many pasta joints, or Italian joints for that matter (I've defs ranted about this before), in Sydney which I like so it was nice to see that this was one I would definitely wanna come back to.

 Rigatoni Amatriciana (Short pasta with pancetta, onion, white wine, basil and
napoletana sauce) and Kalli's good ol bolognese in the background
 (no need to explain that one =p)

And of course, having watched Marion make mouth watering pizzas on Masterchef in the gigantic woodfired oven, I just had to get one too haha. We got a Nutella Pizza for dessert, and unfortunately had to leave one piece behind otherwise we would have had to roll out of the place ahaha. It was so nice! Gooey melted Nutella on a thin pizza crust....mmmm I could do with a slice right now...


I can definitely see why this place is a favourite amongst the Italian and local community. The staff were really friendly and genuine and the food was heaps nice =). If its good enough for Masterchef it's more than enough for me!

Caffe Moretti
47 Norton St
Leichhardt 2040
Ph: 9568 1354
Caffe Moretti on Urbanspoon

=D xx (P.S. Can't WAIT for Melbs!!)

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