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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Island Paradise

I did this manicure just before going to Sri Lanka. I wasn't thinking of my holiday destination at the time, but now I look at the photos and it reminds me of the beaches of Sri Lanka with their warm waters and cool breezes. It ACTUALLY looks like the below =P. It brings back memories of beach outings with the family, occurring so often that each memory melds into the other. It makes me miss the Island Paradise =(. This manicure goes on record as having received the most compliments (so far =P) haha.

I was inspired by a picture on Pinterest that has been floating around. I altered the colours a bit to make it look a bit more realistic. Sorry if it looks a bit messy, but i used alot of polish and it was sorta hard to clean my fingers properly =P.

I started by doing gradient sunset nails - I painted a thick layer of NYX My Sunshine on each nail. Then I sponged on OPI On Collins Ave half way up the nail, the sponged on a bit of Ulta3 Sizzling Red, following up with a bit of Essie Mesmerize. On my right hand you'll see I also put a tiny dark strip of Essie Midnight Cami just on the tips.

It takes a bit of time, waiting for the layers to dry and all. Sponging also takes a bit of practice, just to get the gradient you want. I used a regular make up sponge for mine. Beware, it could start to wear away and leave bit of sponge all over your nails! So get some good quality sponges. Id imagine a regular kitchen sponge would work too.

And after I did the gradient I applied a layer of top coat, then followed with the palm tree design and finally another layer of topcoat =).

Left Hand

Right Hand

I'd love to do gradient nails more often! The effect is so pretty and it really is easy once you practice a couple of times.

=D xx


  1. This looks amazing! I wish I could do something like this. I've only just managed to do french tips without it being wonky, haha.

  2. Thanks Patty!! Yea it was a bit tricky, but im pretty sure you can do it! Afterall you did inspire me to prettify my nails in the first place =)


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