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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Hey guys!!! I'm back!! I actually touched down a week ago but of course it's taken some time to settle back down into my boring old life =(. I had the most wonderful time in Sri Lanka, my cousin's wedding was absolutely amazing. I have to admit, it's rare that I ever leave Sri Lanka not actually wanting to come back home...

I've been very fortunate in that I get to travel there often to see my extended family, and I normally am whole-heartedly ready to come back home after each trip. I love my family, which is extremely large and I have heaps of fun with them over there, but having a large family means endless travelling to relatives' houses and vists etc etc....and living in Sri Lanka is not the easiest thing =P. And so by the end of each trip I've had my fill of the motherland and am ready to go home.

But this time, since there was a wedding, it sorta brought the whole family together in the one place, and it reminded me so much of my childhood where dad's brothers and sisters all lived in close proximity, and hence the family was essentially together. I had so much fun, it was great to catch up with my cousins and every day was filled with things to do. And the excitement around the wedding was just phenomenal, and the wedding itself was incredible.

My cousin and his beautiful bride

Yummiest cake!!

Leaving my mark around the world hahaha

The one thing I will never get tired of in Sri Lanka is the food! Omg it is always amazingly tasty.

Making hoppers in grandma's ancient kitchen

My staples of the trip - mangosteen and rambutan

My little cousin (Bubbi) crashing the photo =P

It's great to be home, I missed my friends and my creature comforts. God knows I probably missed my soft pillow more than anything =P. My best friend has a lot of family over here in Oz and they always have large family reunions. I always tell her how envious I am that so many of her cousins and aunties and uncles live so close by. She tells me I'm lucky my extended family all live overseas hahaha. But you always miss those who are a 1000 miles away, who you can't just call up to grab a bite to eat or catch the latest Batman movie with. I'd give anything to have my whole family over for dinner every so often. I miss my family like crazy.

=D xx


  1. Glad you had a great time. Those are some great pics. I see your nail art made quite an impression :)You look absolutely lovely in the saree.
    wow! those are some exotic fruits, how did they taste like?
    Welcome back, I'm like addicted to your blog :)

  2. Awww thank you! You are so sweet =). Yea mangosteen and rambutan were in season, i dunno how to describe them...rambutan are a bit like lychees, while mangosteen have a unique flavour. Mmmmm so yummy!!


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