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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Cochin Restaurant, Surry Hills

As usual, I have realised I've forgotten to write posts on things I was meaning to post about =P. I found some pictures from the graduation dinner I had with my uni friends, and I SWEAR I had already posted about this but I realised I had written about my grad dinner with my family and not this haha.

Well I pretty much had a graduation celebration weekend. Dinners, parties and the actual graduation ceremony, pretty much ran for about 3 days. My uni friends and myself decided to go out for dinner just to have our one little slightly informal celebration =P. Nothing better than good friends, good food and (plenty) of good wine haha. Cochin Restaurant is a Vietnamese restaurant situated at the heart of Surry Hills. It's a very simple restaurant, not very big with long tables more suited for group dinners, but can be separated for couples. Actually, they also have an outside dinning area which looked quite nice. Very simply decorated, but the small room sorta trapped all the noise and made it a bit hard to have a conversation with everyone, It got sooo loud. But we sorta contributed quite a lot to it and pretty much forgot about it once we had cracked open the bottles =P.

Image Courtesy of Cochin Restaurant Website

I'd never heard of Cochin before until my friend sent me the booking details and I looked it up, of course having a squiz at the menu to see what we would be dining on. We decided to go with the Chef's Degustation Menu ($65 pp) just so we could have a bit of everything. It was quite delish, but the portions were quite large for a degustation (which was 10 courses + rice and nibbles =P) and I got so full I couldn't even fathom getting dessert (which was included in the degustation).

Decided to road test my 50mm lens for this outing. Twas ok but it made it hard to take shots of food since everything is uber close...

Asparagus Veloute - I'm not a big fan of veloute...

Roasted Duck Pancakes - A classic fav

Spring Rolls and Prawn Summer Rolls with a Sweet Chilli Sauce

Coco Garlic Prawns Served with Fresh Bread (to mop up the beautiful sauce)

Tempura Soft Shell Crab & French Salad with Goat Cheese and Walnuts

Pork Hock served with Papaya Salad and Sticky Garlic Dressing - One of my favs!
We had a very interesting discussion about what part of the pig the hock came from haha

By about this point I was so full from all the food and wine, I could barely even touch the next dish, even though it was probably one of the best of the night (such a shame!)

Tea Smoked Duck Breast - So yummy!

Pandan Rice

And then came dessert. I definitely couldn't fit any more in, but most of the girls got the Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse (Apparently very rich =P)

One of the girls eating said chocolate mousse =D

Overall it was a gorgeous dinner, and very very filling =D.
I'd love to go back and sample their A La Carte menu. It all looks reasonably priced as well, and the degustation was definitely good value for money considering the portion sizes and how nice everything tasted.

Cochin Restaurant
61 Fitzroy St
Surry Hills
NSW 2010
Ph: (02) 9358 5388

Cochin on Urbanspoon 

=D xx

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