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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tiffany Blue (Sorta...I'm Not Sure...)

Hi Guys! I've been trying to reduce the amount of times I strip and paint my nails. Partially because I can feel them getting a bit weaker from all the fiddling around I do with acetone and layers of polish. Also, because I actually want to change them when they actually show signs of wear and tear =P. Otherwise what a waste of polish and a perfectly nice design!! For instance, this next design I did, I really liked it, and I was actually a bit sad to see it start to chip.

I started off with L.A. Girls Disco Brites Turntable. I really really liked this colour. And it looks different under different light (this can be taken 2 different ways...I'll explain later)! At first I thought it looked like turquoise/aqua, then when I took photos of it I was under the impression it was a Tiffany Blue....

This was with flash - very turquoise-like isn't it

And then without flash, magically it's like Tiffany Blue!

Back to my double meaning statement about this polish being seen under different lights. This polish is actually a black-light polish. This means that it will 'glow' under a black-light, which are commonly found in nightclubs. I unfortunately don't have one so I can't show you what it looks like, but here's a link to a similar polish shown under black light.

So after that put a golden swirl design on each nail =) and sealed with topcoat.

How awesome would this look under a black-light!! =D xx

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