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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Half Moon Manicure

This has to be one of my fav manicures. I've seen it done so many times and i've been wanting to do it for a while. There are a few ways you can do this manicure, but while I was surfing Pinterest (you can follow me HERE!) one night I came across this picture which had a link to a tutorial which made it look quite easy...

I started off with OPI Glitzerland....

Then after they had dried completely I stuck those punch-hole reinforcers just at the base of each nail, making sure they stuck down completely so that no polish would leak underneath. Then I painted over each nail with Essie Going Incognito. Immediatley after applying polish to one nail I would take off the reinforcer so that it didnt dry into the polish. Once all the nails were done, I waited a bit to dry them, then applied a top coat =).

Easy as pie =) xx

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