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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Croc Skin

I couldn't help myself. When I was overseas, I bought a few bottles of nail polish....well, ok, I bought quite a few in Thailand, just because they were so damn cheap, although the formulas are a bit dubious. I also bought a few in England however I held back because I found it hard to ration my money over the few weeks with all the amazing things there were to buy over there haha. Anyways, one of the awesome polishes I got was this Barry M Croc Effects special polish.

I was a bit sceptical and I didn't have time to check up samples on the net, but i thought I'd take the chance and see how it turned out. O.M.G. I'm SO glad I bought this!! I absolutely love it!! To be honest, at first I found it difficult to find the right base coat 'dryness' to get the effect I wanted it - you have to apply this one over a base colour coat that is TOUCH DRY, which is a bit subjective if you ask me. If you apply it too soon then you get weird bubbling and the effect is much 'larger'. Apply it when the base coat is too dry and the effect polish wont crack at all. I think the best result is when it cracks into tiny tiny lines.

I applied Ulta 3 Mermaid Green as my base colour...

Then after you apply your base colour, you wait for it to dry for about 1-2 minutes (touch-dry). Then you apply a thin coat of Barry M Croc Effects (its a thick black polish). See how opaque it is? It takes a few minutes for the effect to occur so don't panic if it doesnt appear within a few seconds!!

In the process of creating the effect!! Amazing!!! See the massive circle on my thumb? I believe that is the result of the polish being just a tad bit too wet (??)

Make sure you wait a while before applying a good thick coat of top coat (hence the glossy nails in the pics haha) - about 10 minutes just for good measure. You wanna make sure the polish cracks fully before you seal it in. I got a mixed effect on all my nails, and I even re-did some just to make sure I got that tiny cracking. I think it looks so nice! Of course, from afar you cant really see it...

But when you look up close.....

I think it looks so much more amazing than the normal black shatter!!  Maybe because shatter polish has been around for a while now.

Thought i'd add a close up of the middle three nails since i think they cracked the best =D

It's important to apply the special effect polish calmly and don't be too hasty - make sure you apply it evenly and cover the whole base coat - asif you were painting your nails normally. Otherwise you'll end up with messy results like mine =P.

=D xx

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