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Friday, 13 April 2012

Baklava Cravings

For some reason the past few months I've been craving baklava. Like even when I was overseas. Crazy, I know. Such cravings have lead me to do drastic things, like run to my local Lebanese shop (which is like 1/2 hr away on foot) just to satisfy the cravings. Or, if it's too late and the shop has closed, like the other night, drive all the way to Sweet City in Bankstown just cos I love their baklava (2nd to my local place of course =P). My friend took me their last year and I got addicted. And so, when the cravings came on the other night, I just had to go get me some baklava. And it was so worth it. I really should learn how to make the stuff....

So many different types of baklava!! Not that I know what any of them are called =P. My fav has to be the on on the left like a roll. Mmmm just looking at the pic makes me hungry....

And I of course had to get some other stuff as well lol. Turkish delight, date slice and some cream roll thing the guy at the counter recommended

=D xx


  1. argh ive been having baklava cravings for a while now too and THIS JUST MADE IT WORSE! hehe but damn they look tasty

  2. Lol it must be something going around then haha =P. They do look tasty don't they....clearly they are responsible for my expanding waistline =S


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